Iz's First Time Bathing and Iz Speaks Korean?! DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jul 6, 2017

  • You've all waited so long! Finally brought Iz's first bathing video! Surprising reaction! Let's check out how Iz react! Suri Noel family's bath series part 3 ! ★ Suri & Noel cat story ★ Cat / Kitten / Daily Episode / Cute / Funny ★ Subscribe: https://goo.gl/36ZJI9 ★ Go Watch A Playlist 'Suri & Noel's Cutest Movies' : https://goo.gl/7La35f ★ Follow Suri Noel! - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/surinnoel - Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/surinoel/ - twitter : https://twitter.com/dalbus_JW - Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+SuriNoel/posts - kakao story : https://story.kakao.com/surinoel" #DIATV
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  • Lisa Revier
    Lisa Revier 2 months ago

    All the korean cats are so sweet... why mine gotta be the devil

  • Colleen Rose
    Colleen Rose 1 month ago

    All the cats coming in like "wtf is going on"

  • Crystal Productions
    Crystal Productions 3 weeks ago (edited)

    Mom: what are you watching?

  • ngọc khánh Nguyen

    Iz : help me guy 😢

  • Tron 4556
    Tron 4556 2 weeks ago

    If I had done this the water would be red with my blood.

  • yolo ami
    yolo ami 8 months ago

    My cat would have killed me.

  • Надежда Габасова

    Какое доверие к хозяину, кричит,а не убегает,терпит.

  • NeverDie System
    NeverDie System 3 weeks ago

    Мой бы превратился в ниндзя и разворотил пол дома

  • Юлиана Терентьева

    Снимает, видимо, другой кот😂😂

  • Ната Аристова

    Сколько любви к животным, таким милым созданиям! Спасибо за видео!

  • signalfire6
    signalfire6 1 week ago

    I'm thinking of moving to Korea and trying to get adopted by him.

  • Comrade Louis
    Comrade Louis 1 month ago

    Bath room

  • asmita.
    asmita. 2 weeks ago (edited)


  • Human Factor
    Human Factor 3 weeks ago

    Фраза "выдавливаю из тебя воду" звучит крайне пугающе

  • Svampbob Fyrkant
    Svampbob Fyrkant 2 months ago

    It's funny how cats thinks they're gonna die from a bath lol

  • Мария Смехова

    Коты начинают разговаривать когда их моешь,они так и русский могут выучить 😂😂

  • XxCrookedxX
    XxCrookedxX 2 weeks ago

    I remembered when I was in elementary a classmate of mine said that if you give cats a bath they'll die😂

  • Rashmi Bhengra
    Rashmi Bhengra 1 month ago

    There is something about Iz...He makes eye contact to talk...

    DANTARI DANTARA 2 weeks ago

    То чувство когда завидуешь коту.😂😂😂

  • klovex
    klovex 3 months ago