samahla hai meine bahut apne dil ko

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  • Published on May 28, 2008

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  • Roopchandra Dubey
    Roopchandra Dubey 4 years ago

    90s were the era when youth was falling in true love because of these songs they were not lustful but nowadays love had been lost and its place has been taken by lust sex and revenge but our heart is so clean and thats why we still love this songs

    PARTHA CHAKRABORTY 2 years ago

    This song will always remind me of my first LOVE. Where ever you are now may God bless you.

  • misaki kun
    misaki kun 4 years ago

    Sonali Bendre , too hot for all her movies, forever stuck in B grade movies with unknown heros

  • naaz khan
    naaz khan 2 years ago

    Those Amazing days... when its difficult to express true love and nowadays without love people are easily expressing....

  • Anurag Kumar
    Anurag Kumar 4 years ago

    all songs of kumar sanu are ultimate ,love you sanu sir.

  • Mamta
    Mamta 2 years ago

    that's Atul agnihotri right?

  • Kaviraj Rughoo
    Kaviraj Rughoo 3 years ago

    these 90's songs remind me of my teens and at that time I was free like a bird.

  • Sahir Inamdar
    Sahir Inamdar 1 year ago

    Those were audio cassette days. Used to save pocket money and add news paper scrap money just to add up 30 rs for that audio cassette!

  • A Ahmed
    A Ahmed 3 years ago

    Anu Malik and Kumar Sanu always a deadly combo..

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    Kumar sanu all time great singer

  • a d
    a d 4 years ago

    sonali is soooo beautiful. and somehow it just looks like beauty that comes from the inside and radiates outward. i adore her!

  • Avijit Dey
    Avijit Dey 2 years ago

    mistry voice of sanuda...............lovely

  • pvsk10
    pvsk10 2 years ago

    This was Sanu at the very peak of his prowess

  • Krishna Das
    Krishna Das 10 months ago

    I miss those time ka feelings..... Romance

  • Rohit abrol
    Rohit abrol 2 years ago

    Hope i died after such an era ...........it was far better than listening today's crap..😷

  • Gaurav Srivastava
    Gaurav Srivastava 1 year ago

    90s the golden era,,, miss those days...

  • Salim Shaikh
    Salim Shaikh 1 year ago

    Really i m fond of 90's songs era, wow kumar sanu ,Alka yagnik,Uddit narayan.

  • kiran mithbavkar
    kiran mithbavkar 2 years ago

    जहॉं राज को छुपाया न जायें मोहब्बत में एैसा मकाम आ रहा है

  • Mashhood Chaudhary
    Mashhood Chaudhary 4 years ago

    Kumar Sanu is the ultimate King of Melody!

  • Syed Muz
    Syed Muz 3 years ago

    Translation of lyrics for peepal:(Tried my best for relevance)