Rendezvous with Simi Garewal - Kareena Kapoor (Part1) 2002 DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Nov 6, 2013

  • Kareena is a Bollywood princess – born to the spotlight. The lineage is immaculate. She's the 4th generation of India's grand Kapoor dynasty! Luminous and hypnotic - Kareena Kapoor! http://www.simigarewal.com
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  • Kamini K.
    Kamini K. 1 year ago

    Am not a fan of Ranbir Kapoor but he was actually cute in his childhood days saying '' Mai kal nahaunga tab pehnunga'' 😂😂 and Kareena is more cuter by just sayin "Hein"😧😂😂

  • Z Siddiqui
    Z Siddiqui 5 years ago

    always shallow & full of herself.. that hasn't changed

  • Raisa Karim
    Raisa Karim 4 years ago

    did anyone notice, or is it just me, ummm, that attire is so much similar to Poo, herself? Yet she claims, she is nowhere  near Poo in her real life.

  • Sam
    Sam 2 years ago

    Why is she dressed like a joker in a circus? This is an intimate interview lol

  • sandman
    sandman 4 years ago

    Jesus, it was a summer course for three months! She is talking about it as if she was a real grad student!

  • J S
    J S 1 year ago

    Kareena was a fashion disaster that time

  • saba intizar
    saba intizar 1 year ago

    Ranbir says to Bebo ! Kal nahaunga naa kal pehnonga :D

  • Sneha B
    Sneha B 1 year ago

    Are you kidding me? a summer course and she talks like she got a masters degree from Harvard! -_-

  • LaggardInLove
    LaggardInLove 5 years ago

    She thinks shes done something extraordinary, but its more than regular...

  • Jahangir Hussain
    Jahangir Hussain 5 years ago

    kareena sounds like she doesn't like her dad at all!!!

  • Preet Gill
    Preet Gill 2 years ago

    Harvard returned.. LoL Perhaps paid for the semester to go there for 3 months & return without any qualifications.. Back in Mumbai brag about having been on the Harvard campus.. Extremely pretentious..

  • Surengotgames
    Surengotgames 4 years ago

    So full of herself. At least karishma was modest

  • Noshin Tasnim
    Noshin Tasnim 1 month ago

    I always feel Karishma is way more beautiful, talented, wise and modest compared to kareena

  • Neha
    Neha 11 months ago

    Look at how baby kareena says, “Jao” like a bossy sis and Ranbir as a lazy and smart kid, ‘ kal main aunga na kal pehnunga’ 😂

  • Sibel Ha
    Sibel Ha 5 years ago

    She was much more beautiful back than...

  • Jahangir Hussain
    Jahangir Hussain 5 years ago

    ranbir was so cute when he was little...he still is but children look even cuter when they are young!!!

  • Tim Ind
    Tim Ind 3 years ago

    this over-acting, high with ego, hyper active, & irritating girl was no onewhere in the list till Jab We Met!! it was Aishwarya, Rani, and preity who were ruling the industry...she could not overtake them until they settled with their stardom...but yea now she is changed a lot...

  • Jahangir Hussain
    Jahangir Hussain 5 years ago

    how beautiful she was back then before she started the size zero shit!!!!

  • rotaka
    rotaka 5 years ago

    She is so arrogant but I think Saif makes her keep it in check or at least pretend to

  • the kylie jenner tupac shirt

    im in love with how kareena aggressively gives zero shits about anything hahahah i love her