• Premiered Nov 7, 2018

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  • MEETING BTS.....(RM KNOWS US!!!!!) @ MGA 2018 tags

    DKDKTV 8 months ago

    Timestamp some parts for fellow Ducks who don't have the time to watch a 45 min vlog please!... or just watch the 45 minutes of us fangirling

  • bts fan
    bts fan 8 months ago

    Lmao what if RM is watching this vlog too?

  • Namdaddy
    Namdaddy 4 months ago

    BTS : lets dress like gentlemen and suit up like millionaires and not tell jhope

  • Averyl Fong
    Averyl Fong 5 months ago

    God, that last conversation really rang so true... I have a friend who was on a K-pop survival show and almost became a trainee in a fairly well known company (but not Big 3), and the stories she tells me of her friend who is a debuted idol now is just insane. The amount of pressure they have from the outside (fans/sasaengs, media, internet, etc) is crazy, but the internal pressures from the company (if you don't have a good company) is equally insane, if not worse. The pressure to look a certain way, to maintain a strict diet and weight, sometimes starving & overworking, to constantly perform and memorise lines and present yourself perfectly is inhumane. Idols don't get paid very much either, especially if they're not Korean citizens. There are companies who will also turn all the blame onto the idols if a comeback doesn't make them enough money/not successful enough - even though the company made the song/concept/dance etc for them.

  • En Kawli Myint
    En Kawli Myint 7 months ago


  • TheGreatCatsby
    TheGreatCatsby 6 months ago

    -"Get a close up on Jin!"

  • filthy mudblood
    filthy mudblood 8 months ago


  • lolosh99
    lolosh99 4 months ago

    Rm actually said in an interview that in his free time he watches reaction videos soooo... (:

  • MusicAddict
    MusicAddict 6 months ago

    I love how jimin was sitting next to Charlie puth at first and then ran away and all the guys immeadiately left that seat to RM! 😂😂 RM to the rescue

  • Namjoonie_likes_crabs Bts


  • riya jat
    riya jat 6 months ago

    i think RM does know you guys😅😂 because now everyone knows that your deciphered their videos correctly and RM also mentioned he saw a video that had the correct theory so i guess you are right he knows you😁

  • Plumpest Pigeon
    Plumpest Pigeon 6 months ago (edited)

    "I never thought I'd be this excited about touching a dude's hand." - Danny Kim 2018 😁

  • Wxia 4209
    Wxia 4209 4 months ago


  • Dylan Bolinski
    Dylan Bolinski 4 months ago

    "I wanna see sweaty Taehyung..."

  • Megan J
    Megan J 5 months ago

    did yall peep jungkook at

  • En Kawli Myint
    En Kawli Myint 7 months ago


  • victoria alexeeva
    victoria alexeeva 7 months ago (edited)


  • Strike RiderX
    Strike RiderX 6 months ago (edited)

    "Jimin's the sweetest.. But can't betray my bias" I feel ya dude... Literally every video of them shows jimin's sweetness.. Awe I nearly cried at

  • Ryuuzare
    Ryuuzare 4 months ago


  • Kunjal
    Kunjal 7 months ago

    "I'm going to sell my hand on Ebay" Lmao 😂😂