和楽器バンド / 「砂漠の子守唄」「細雪 for Piano and Symphonic Orchestra」MUSIC VIDEO

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  • Published on Apr 7, 2018

  • 和楽器バンド5th Album「オトノエ」2018年4月25日発売 約1年1ヶ月振りとなる待望のオリジナルアルバムをリリース!! http://wagakkiband.jp/discography/det... 今作はガリバー初売りCMソング「雪影ぼうし」を始めとしてバラエティ溢れる全12曲を収録! ■MUSIC VIDEO盤 「雪影ぼうし」のMUSIC VIDEOと新曲2曲(「細雪」「砂漠の子守唄」)のMUSIC VIDEOやMAKINGを収録! ■LIVE映像盤 一夜限りのプレミアムライブ「和楽器バンド Premium Symphonic Night ~ライブ&オーケストラ~ in大阪城 ホール」より、第2幕「和楽器バンド×The WGB Symphonic Orchestra」とオフショットを収録! ■CD ONLY盤 CD ONLY盤のみ、ボーナストラック「オキノタユウ-Live ver.-」(from 和楽器バンド Premium Symphonic Night~ライブ&オーケストラ~ in 大阪城ホール)を収録! ■mu-moショップ・FC八重流専売数量限定盤 MUSIC VIDEO盤とLIVE映像盤の収録内容に加え、「和楽器バンド 軌跡 BEST COLLECTION+ Special Live at 東京国立博物館」の完全版を収録!
  • 和楽器バンド / 「砂漠の子守唄」「細雪 for Piano and Symphonic Orchestra」MUSIC VIDEO tags


  • Angelina Eonni88
    Angelina Eonni88 1 year ago

    I can listen to their music all day and never get sick of it! Her vocals are heaven!

  • MacRyanMac
    MacRyanMac 1 year ago

    This is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • trinity whittlef
    trinity whittlef 1 year ago

    Her voice is so angelic, it's making my heart burst again.

  • Carlos Santos
    Carlos Santos 9 months ago (edited)

    Yuko looks like a princess from a fairytail, sings like an angel and plays piano! Mainstream music corporations go to hell with their "divas", strippers who sing miserably bad! I want more Yukos singing around! I also must mention all Wagakki Band's members are marvelous! Wagakki Band is my favorite band!

  • Ertix
    Ertix 7 months ago (edited)

    Much better than shitty k-pop. Gorgeous :D

  • jojo 31
    jojo 31 1 year ago


  • huy tra
    huy tra 1 year ago

    To me, this is one of the reasons why I love japan and her people

  • Canım Türkiyem
    Canım Türkiyem 1 year ago

    Like always, another beautiful musical masterpiece from Wagakki3 I just cannot state this enough but my god, Yuko Suzuhana is one of the most beautiful woman on earth. Every time I see her beauty I'm left speechless with just how beautiful she is, a true Japanese Goddess😍😍And her voice and singing is just the thing I need to make my day even better.

  • ooqant
    ooqant 1 year ago (edited)


  • foras592
    foras592 1 year ago

    Another masterpiece by Wagaki Band. Seriously guys you never fail to impress me with every release :)

  • Kim Jung Sun
    Kim Jung Sun 1 year ago (edited)

    นี่เป็นครั้งแรกที่เห็นยูโกะซัง เล่นเปียโนในนามของWagakki Band (This is first time that I see she plays piano behalf of Waggakki Band 'cuz she mostly do for Hanafugetsu)

  • B J
    B J 1 year ago (edited)

    "Desert lullaby" is a very amazing song.     Yuuko looks like a princess playing the piano while taking a moonlight.    The tone of the piano is very beautiful and pure. 「砂漠の子守歌」はとても素晴らしい歌です。 ゆうこは月光を浴びながらピアノを弾くお姫様のようです。   そのピアノの音色は美しく清らかです。

  • 馬鹿blazblue aka
    馬鹿blazblue aka 1 year ago


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