• Published on Oct 30, 2016

  • Best Kpop MR REMOVED (girl) tags

  • Ali Stark
    Ali Stark 1 year ago

    Heey guys! Do you want me to make a part 2?? Vote this comment or just say it to let me know ^^

  • Arika
    Arika 4 months ago

    SM's artist vocals are no joke

  • Liu Trinity
    Liu Trinity 6 months ago

    My opinion

  • Am Hathairat
    Am Hathairat 4 months ago (edited)

    2ne1 is queen yg 👑

    ANYA VALEROS 2 months ago


  • trash can
    trash can 3 months ago

    Me: *sees SM artists

  • Elric C.
    Elric C. 5 months ago

    the fact that GFRIEND dances THAT HARD and are still stable and slaying notes 24/7 make them the best gg of 3rd gen in my book

  • zzxajiu_jiu
    zzxajiu_jiu 4 months ago

    1.Mamamoo and SNSD

  • KimAsh13 3
    KimAsh13 3 4 months ago

    I'm surprised every single Mamamoo Mr removed isn't here 😂😂

  • arabic army
    arabic army 1 year ago

    no one's talking about my girls EXID they are really good ... and MAMAMOO too

  • DelPaako
    DelPaako 6 months ago

    People always harp on Park Bom, but the girl sings better than a lot of these new generation idols... no tea... no shade...👀👀👀👀👀

  • Denise Contreras
    Denise Contreras 5 months ago

    My personal TOP 3

  • 달달Daldal
    달달Daldal 5 months ago

    Taeyeon have best Mr removed, i mean, this one is very good but she have some that are best lmao she's queen.

  • Laila Lubna
    Laila Lubna 6 months ago

    1. SNSD

  • Ayna Bubbletea
    Ayna Bubbletea 2 years ago

    note for myself.

  • Lili Nini
    Lili Nini 6 months ago

    SNSD, 2en1, Red velvet and Gfriend best mr removed

  • Kim Yewonie
    Kim Yewonie 4 months ago


  • Neya Copino
    Neya Copino 1 month ago

    SNSD as a group

  • Fahmi TJ
    Fahmi TJ 4 months ago

    I think about GFRIEND. They still can control their voice stable while dancing as hard as well.

  • Eylül Çelik
    Eylül Çelik 4 months ago (edited)

    My opinions: