[Teaser] GFRIEND(여자친구) _ The 6th Mini Album 'Time for the moon night' Highlight Medley

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  • Published on Apr 28, 2018

  • [Teaser] GFRIEND(여자친구) _ The 6th Mini Album 'Time for the moon night' Highlight Medley Artist : GFRIEND(여자친구) Title : Time for the moon night(밤) Release : 2018.04.30 ▶1theK FB : http://www.facebook.com/1theK ▶1theK TW : https://twitter.com/1theK ▶1theK Kakao : https://goo.gl/otRpZc
  • [Teaser] GFRIEND(여자친구) _ The 6th Mini Album 'Time for the moon night' Highlight Medley tags


  • jxmxn ok
    jxmxn ok 10 months ago

    Bebas hermosas♡ Ahhhhhhhh las amo ♡

  • Widen Ferrer
    Widen Ferrer 10 months ago

    How many people loves gfriend like me?

  • 오예
    오예 10 months ago


  • Trevor Standing Soldier

    The vibes from GFRIEND are too much handle. Everyone in this group is a stand out visual. They can all sing beautifully. GFRIEND will forever be part of my top 10. GFRIEND is perfect.

  • Moob Deep
    Moob Deep 10 months ago

    😍😍😍 beautiful

  • Ken Russell Ang
    Ken Russell Ang 10 months ago

    This teaser almost had 500k views the last time I saw it if I'm not mistaken. Why do they need to reupload it? I mean most of buddies have been worked hard to achieved that number of views. Damn another views had gone to waste.

  • Girfan 84
    Girfan 84 10 months ago

    I swear we should file a case upon this matter if thing like this persisted to compensate our streaming efforts.. Hahahaha 😡🐳

  • alia suhaila
    alia suhaila 10 months ago

    Honestly, im not so into gg... but, i have to admit ALL of their songs are great...!! I hope this cb will be a success as well... :) Fighting!!!! ;)

  • Patrick Damo
    Patrick Damo 10 months ago

    Gfriend Number One Fighting Go Girls Saranghae💕💯🔥

  • 버디여친
    버디여친 10 months ago (edited)

    1theK pls don’t do this on their MV coming this 30 April *I mean don’t delete and reupload 😂

  • Muhammad Zaki
    Muhammad Zaki 10 months ago

    buddy malaysia here to support our queens 😘♥️

  • jimrex
    jimrex 10 months ago (edited)

    Source Music, next time please RECHECK YOUR VIDEOS AND MAKE SURE THE DATE IS CORRECT!!! This is what happens when you just edit your videos and go

  • Gill S.
    Gill S. 10 months ago

    WHAT ABOUT THEIR 300K VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aji H.P
    Aji H.P 10 months ago

    Hey buddy i know that a lot of you must be disappointed and mad because this video is reuploaded because mistake in editing, and all the views, likes , and comment is all gone. But please, rather than just complaining or mad at whoever the staff , can all of you just give them your supportive comment on this video. Don't let this kind of thing bother you to support them. Sometimes gfriend themselves saw their own video in the internet, so they may become sad if they know some buddy act like this. They already work hard for us, so lets give our best support for them 😊

  • BTS Gfriend Trash
    BTS Gfriend Trash 10 months ago

    Damn i hope this won't happen again specially not with the actual MV😏☹

  • Anggi Dwi
    Anggi Dwi 10 months ago

    Beginilah kalau salah tahun jadinya video yang semalem dihapus sekarang di up lagi jadinya Rip Views 😭😭😭😭😭

  • jimrex
    jimrex 10 months ago (edited)

    The teaser on their official channel already got re-uploaded with the correct date 1 hr and 30 minutes after they released it, while here on the 1theK channel, it took them almost 21 hrs before they get to re-upload it with the correct date (because apparently SouMu needed to send it first to 1theK staff and all of that), but still it wouldn't happen in the first place if SouMu's editing staff rechecked it earlier...

  • Reyhan. ASL
    Reyhan. ASL 10 months ago

    Umji the queen? Woah

    KAMAL ALFANDY 10 months ago

    OMG rip views.. fighting buddy 😭😭😭

  • Serenity R
    Serenity R 10 months ago (edited)

    Buddy, it's important to trust Gfriend's choice of the title - they hand picked TFTMN to be their title song, which means they believed it best suited their voices, the concept they want to convey and where they are in their career. SouMu cannot afford to spend so much money & tease this comeback so much if they didn't think it was deserving. It makes NO sense to judge the song at this point. If you've looked at other teasers, SouMu is clever about the way they reveal their title songs. Navillera had several parts that could be the chorus. At