[HOT] EXO-CBX - Blooming Day, 엑소-첸백시 - 花요일 Show Music core 20180421

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  • Published on Apr 21, 2018

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  • Dowithlove EXO
    Dowithlove EXO 9 months ago

    keep streaming!

  • Nadeen AbdelHameed
    Nadeen AbdelHameed 9 months ago

    Chen’s hair styling

  • suho's padawan
    suho's padawan 9 months ago

    Dae's high note just keeps getting better and better 😭❤, he never fails to give me goosebumps.

  • That cute little Chaeng -

    So many comments about Chen😍 That's right appreciate him more😘

  • EXO life
    EXO life 9 months ago

    Every one is talking about chenchen .. I'm crying ❤

  • Ratri
    Ratri 9 months ago

    Bless you Jongdae's hairstylist noona, this is the best his hair's been in this promo cycle.

  • beek boo
    beek boo 9 months ago

    JongDae aweee~~~ 😍😍😍😍

  • sehun's mom
    sehun's mom 9 months ago

    jongdae is so stable😍

  • jongdae traz
    jongdae traz 9 months ago

    omg Jongdae finally get appreciation he deserves😭

  • Jess
    Jess 9 months ago

    when I hear Chen's voice it seems to me that I'm in paradise

  • B
    B 9 months ago

    Baekhyun in pink, glasses and a choker. I agree

  • ChOZo_EXOL 93
    ChOZo_EXOL 93 9 months ago

    jongdae oppa you are my favorite idol💋💋💋😍😍

  • Sora Kim
    Sora Kim 9 months ago

    Kim Jongdae so much perfection 😍😍😍

  • WooBin loves D.O. so do I.

    Jongdae's hairstylist thank you.

  • camille
    camille 9 months ago

    whoa chen is so attractive

  • JY ANG
    JY ANG 9 months ago

    No matter what hairstyles always suit on Jong Dae, but I have to said that yesterday’s and today’s hairstyles was the best hairstyles for Jong Dae, look so handsome!!,!😍😍😍

  • simmeringoo
    simmeringoo 9 months ago

    chen looks so good, i'm crying

  • Dria B
    Dria B 9 months ago

    OMG, Chen stop stealing my soul with that highnote :'D

  • Jhope Nostrils
    Jhope Nostrils 9 months ago

    Chen high note is higher than my grades 😂😍

  • dewi indah hanggono
    dewi indah hanggono 9 months ago

    Chenniyaaaaah.... why you do this to me....