Guy's first run in the world's fastest bike | Guy Martin Proper DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019

  • The inside story of Guy's attempt to break the motorcycle land speed record: his fastest and most dangerous speed challenge to date. Can he become the first man to do 400mph on a motorcycle? To watch the full episode click here - https://www.channel4.com/programmes/s... #GuyMartin #LandSpeedRecord Welcome to the only official Guy Martin Proper YouTube channel. Make yourself a cup of tea or twenty & follow every race, every build and every country Guy visits. Fair play. Subscribe here https://bit.ly/2OwyYOY
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  • Croft
    Croft 1 month ago

    I'm not surprised he did well. I mean, if Guy freaking Martin can't drive something with two wheels like the champ he is, it's not drivable by a human being.

  • Ducati Monster
    Ducati Monster 1 month ago

    Guy's a national treasure.

  • Craig Roberts
    Craig Roberts 1 month ago

    Guy should have got the top gear gig.

  • Kenji Mapes
    Kenji Mapes 1 month ago

    “It took our last guy a week to do this.”

  • Ladd Folster
    Ladd Folster 4 weeks ago

    Does anyone know (or care) that Rocky Robinson in the Hyabusa powered Ack Attack streamliner is the record holder.

  • AntalopeAUT
    AntalopeAUT 1 month ago

    "If he keeps it together under him … I think he´s gonna gas it pretty hard down there ."

  • Perry Sims
    Perry Sims 3 weeks ago

    The fastest mororcycle was running 360 MPH FIVE YEARS AGO.

  • Phil Glover
    Phil Glover 1 month ago

    Guy Martin the next Fred dibnah 🇬🇧🇺🇸

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior 1 month ago

    After 6mins 😂 Guy your such a legend!

  • Matt Franks
    Matt Franks 1 month ago (edited)

    Someone get this man a cuppa .

  • Patrick Hopkins
    Patrick Hopkins 1 month ago

    Does people not know this is an old episode

  • SiliquaeSid
    SiliquaeSid 3 weeks ago

    So much ability in one bloke. He can turn his hand to anything.

  • imagemakerpro
    imagemakerpro 3 weeks ago

    The fact they call this a bike is bull

  • barfyman362
    barfyman362 3 weeks ago

    Guy Martin, the man who turned down a lucrative contract to host Top Gear to go back to doing what he loves most; fixing lories.

  • Muhannad Alwani
    Muhannad Alwani 1 month ago

    Will there be a new record attempt? For fastest bike? Or will it remain the fastest Triumph only?

  • Dan Sheppard
    Dan Sheppard 1 month ago

    Finally he got a nice haircut to go with that speed bike.

  • ifell3
    ifell3 3 weeks ago

    That last guy made up 127 fake accounts and disliked with all.

  • Peaky Blinders
    Peaky Blinders 3 weeks ago

    Took your guy a week.... But this is GUY martin 😎 took 6mins lol

  • Ed Jack
    Ed Jack 3 weeks ago

    This is a rerun

  • Fitzy Holden
    Fitzy Holden 1 month ago

    The man is a natural. And a bloody legend.