When a Man LOVES You, here's what he's THINKING (counter-intuitive) DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Mar 13, 2018

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  • B Deleonne
    B Deleonne 2 months ago

    I hate the fact that as a woman, our entire job is to protect a mans fragile ego and make sure we continue to prove we are a prize. How exhausting.

  • Prudence K
    Prudence K 1 year ago

    I feel like it would be healthier to just find a man who is mature & emotionally intelligent enough to communicate about his feelings? 🙋‍♀️

  • PowerOfLoveTarot Medium Reading

    The more I know about men, the less I want to be with one..

  • Sonja Morrison
    Sonja Morrison 1 year ago

    The first gift I received from the man who became my husband was a space heater. Not flowers. Not chocolates. Not wine. A space heater. Because I was living in a chilly apartment and I was cold. 💞

  • Angel Brown
    Angel Brown 1 year ago

    some men are 60 years old, still behaves like 1year old with no brain

  • moi même
    moi même 10 months ago

    How can I make her life better, that’s what I think when I am in love👍

  • Alicia B Atherton
    Alicia B Atherton 2 months ago

    Nonsense! If a mature man loves, he’s banging down your door. He shows and speaks. There’s no grey area in love, he’s either into you or not! 👍🏼 no games, no mystery.

  • Michele Smith
    Michele Smith 1 year ago

    News flash- you are only speaking about yourself brian. Women don’t want to work this hard to be loved.

  • Xander17
    Xander17 1 year ago

    "When a Man LOVES You, here's what he's THINKING"

  • A New Love Official

    I think guys are not that complicated because if he really loves you, he will never do anything that will hurt you. They may not be as expressive as women but their action speaks louder than words.

  • Morgan Lemons
    Morgan Lemons 1 year ago

    Men do think of other things as well

  • Apurwa Shenwar
    Apurwa Shenwar 1 year ago

    Good way of convincing girls that their guy gives them shit but in reality he loves you!! Hahaha well placed words ...

  • Reine D' Ester
    Reine D' Ester 1 year ago

    Then i guessed i'm a man cuz when i get emotional i tend to shut down and expect people to leave me alone. Lol

  • Adam
    Adam 1 year ago

    The title is kinda dumb. What is a guy thinking when he loves you? Uhhh I'm thinking "I love you" is what I'm thinking lol. Also, he is dead wrong in simplifying our reaction and saying that our brains "shut off" when we experience high emotions. Our brains do not shut off, they light up! We get a surge of clarity that allows us to think fast. Let me ask all the guys, how many of you notice that you can think really fast and you get superhero like sensory abilities to see and hear all around you when you get exited? It's like taking a shot of caffeine! We become hyper alert and super focused and concentrated. This is NOT our brain "shutting down" that would be stupid. Imagine our ancestors brains shutting down at the crucial moment when a wolf wanders into our cave. lol Thats stupid. Our brains get lit up like in that movie Limitless.

  • sand mond
    sand mond 1 year ago

    my brain shuts off when it sees or hears math tasks...

  • AJoy
    AJoy 2 weeks ago

    What if you put your energy into teaching men to acknowledge their emotions and communicate instead of asking women to play their games?

  • Da Ra
    Da Ra 1 hour ago

    I really tried to watch this but was way too distracted by the fact he looks as if his mother dressed him. Explains alot

  • La Sonn
    La Sonn 1 day ago

    this is not love for another. it's too self-oriented. it's not evolved.

  • Laundry London
    Laundry London 3 weeks ago

    I’m so happy to have an emotionally intelligent bf.. this guy is describing a real Stone Age man, a toxic masculinity guy

  • fayeevpt
    fayeevpt 1 year ago

    This is outdated science.....