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  • Published on Apr 28, 2018

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  • Merle Kraus
    Merle Kraus 1 year ago

    lol i just have to comment this bc i see way too many: "Stop sleeping on them!" "They're so underrated" comments. Chill. We got a win this comeback. They are not in any way "slept on". Vixx has a decent fandom in Korea and internationally. After these 6 years our boys are still going strong. They're up against big names like twice, winner and super junior so ofc we can't get every Trophy. The boys know that and it's okay. There are groups out there that have already disbanded before reaching 6 years or groups that debuted with vixx and haven't gotten any wins by now (24k, Cross gene). So Yeah i know yall wanna give vixx everything but pls stop accusing others, this comeback was succsessful and we know vixx makes music for their starlights and not the general public.

  • Sushie33
    Sushie33 1 year ago


  • Aviora Karunia
    Aviora Karunia 1 year ago

    No hole in this group. Vocal, visual, legs, concept, songs, dance, everything❤

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee 1 year ago

    I'm a simple person.

  • Pancake Hat
    Pancake Hat 1 year ago (edited)

    lets just forget about not winning this week trophies, they sold out-ed their concert in just 3 minutes, its already powerful enough to prove them that they are loved by us!! cheer up fellow starlights!!!

  • whatever whatever
    whatever whatever 1 year ago

    They work so hard and they are so talented yet people are sleeping on them smh :((

  • yuyu hii
    yuyu hii 1 year ago

    N, Leo and Ken have high vocal range, tis song must be really hard for them to sing, but I'm glad they did well. Good job Vixx :D

  • I purple you
    I purple you 1 year ago (edited)

    Literally my fav scentist outfit of theirs so far BUT Y AREN'T THEY WINNING AND Y IS THIS BOP DOESN'T GET MUCH ATTENTION !?!

  • Faiza
    Faiza 1 year ago

    I'll need a compilation of Hakyeons that™ move

  • JM
    JM 1 year ago

    This is their last stage and they didn't won. I'm soooo disappointed. 💔😔

  • Koyiiee
    Koyiiee 1 year ago

    it’s not fair how this song is so underrated ☹️ they deserve so much more 😫❤️

  • Catherine Michelle
    Catherine Michelle 1 year ago

    The word 'bias' does not exist in VIXX.

  • Yam chuupenguin
    Yam chuupenguin 1 year ago


  • Ana Lucia Villafranca

    Nowadays Music shows are using Hyuk for thumbnails. He totally became a visual and vocalist!! 💕

  • Hayden Brock
    Hayden Brock 1 year ago

    vocal legends

  • Vitor HugoS
    Vitor HugoS 1 year ago

    Ken's eyebrows seduced :P

  • Jane Chu
    Jane Chu 1 year ago

    I think it is a successful comeback. Perhaps yes digital sales is low and not winning many trophies. But we can see how distorted the industry is and we don’t need to care chart ranking that much. As long as they can make good music, financially stable, healthy, happy and recognised by big enough (see their album sales and concert) fans and professionals around the world, it is good enough. Let’s love Vixx together happily

  • akpopfans
    akpopfans 1 year ago (edited)

    whatever people judge about them, they still always my proudly stars who shine brightly with their talents day and night

  • Bbang Deokki
    Bbang Deokki 1 year ago

    This song is so nice😍😍

  • Jem Chilibeans
    Jem Chilibeans 1 year ago

    Hongbin's hair again 💘💘