Jhakkad Pakkad Dance | 6 Pack Band 2.0 | Feat. Karan Johar DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018

  • ► Subscribe Now: https://goo.gl/xs3mrY 🔔 Stay updated! This World Autism Awareness month, we are super proud to introduce Y-Films ka Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band 2.0 - a unique music collective of 6 differently abled teens with special needs and incredible musical skills, talent and passion. 2016 saw the rise of India's first transgender band, 6 Pack Band, that impacted millions across the globe. The goal of the project was to create greater awareness and empathy for the LGBTQ community and break social barriers, one song at a time. In its 2nd edition, 6 Pack Band 2.0 focuses on the critical theme of "Mental Health and Disability" - a group that also faces similar social stigma driven mainly by the act of ignorance. And the 6 Pack Band 2.0 is here to show the world that no disability can hold you back when given the right kind of love & support. The band comprises of 3 girls and 3 boys between the age of 13 and 18, all with varying challenges - from autism to learning difficulties. Their spirit, their infectious energy, their resolve and their life stories are extremely inspiring. They are the #Isspeshal6. The band’s 1st single, ‘Jhakkad Pakkad Dance’ celebrates life. It showcases how we all need to shed our ignorance and our inhibitions, learn to accept everyone as they are and dance like no one’s watching, irrespective of any ability or disability. This campaign hopes to create much more awareness, conversations and hopefully impact about this important theme over the 6 songs and 6 music videos that it will release over the next 6 months. So don't forget to like this video, share it with all your friends to help spread the word and subscribe. Use #6PackBand2 as a hashtag. Let's do the #JhakkadPakkadDance 6-PACK BAND 2.0: Ananya Halarnkar, Anjali Ramesh, Maitreya Matale, Parth Padhye, Prerna Agarwal & Rishaan Patil SUPER MOMS: Vinda Halarnkar, Charmaine Ramesh, Asha Matale, Namita Padhye, Sunita Agarwal & Shital Mehta Y-FILMS Creative Producer : Sakshi Gurnani MUSIC CREDITS Composer & Music Director: Shameer Tandon Lyrics: Kumaar Intro Written by: Ashish Patil Music Supervisor: Ahan Shah Music Assisted by: Tushar Wader Talent & Project Manager: Harsh Pandya Shamir Tandon’s Entertainment & Music Boutique Team: Prakash Nair & Ria Shah Arranged & Programmed by: Emon Goswami Guitars & Bass: Shon Pinto Rhythms: Arun Solanki Rhythms Recorded by: Alok Punjani, 208 Studios Mixed by: Rupjit Das, Posthouse Mastered by: Gethin John, Mastering World, UK MUSIC VIDEO CREDITS Director & Choreographer: Adil Shaikh Cinematographer: Ujwal Gupta, Zack Fenwick Asst. Director & Asst. Choreographer: Islam Paco Assistant Choreographer: Pavan Shetty, Kajal & Aquleem Editor: Nitin FCP Costume Designer: Chetna Rawat Costume Assistant: Tanushka D’Silva Costume Department: Mohammed Salim Ansari Production Company: Shake Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. POST PRODUCTION: PAPERBOYZ STUDIOZ Editor: Nitin Fcp & Oswin Reveredo DI & Vfx Supervisor: Nadeem Akhtar DI Colorist: Bhushan Mhatre Online Editor: Satish Prajapati Graphics: Raju Binsale DESIGN AND PUBLICITY Creative Director: Fayyaz Badruddin Logo Design and Publicity stills: Deepak Rawat BRAND PARTNERSHIPS: Jayesh Kishanchandani, Nidhi Sethia Nair & Disha Pawa © Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd. #YRFnewreleases #yrf
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  • Jody Nagra
    Jody Nagra 1 year ago

    Love that YRF is supporting and promoting autism awareness 👍🏼👌🏼

  • Poet Raj Shekhar
    Poet Raj Shekhar 1 year ago

    Let's Do...jhakadpakad☺

  • sweta singh
    sweta singh 1 year ago

    Loved it.. good job YRF..when awareness comes from bollywood..it reaches to maximum..

  • Siddhant 6156
    Siddhant 6156 1 year ago

    SO PROUD OF THIS INITIATIVE. Hope it opens all those closed eyes.

  • Veena Nayak
    Veena Nayak 1 year ago

    Superb yrf for this.our country needs this kind of videos

  • Nimisha Goel
    Nimisha Goel 1 year ago

    Loved it bro!! Kudos to yrf n 6-pack band.. Let's make it trending #1....

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  • Prakash Bishnoi
    Prakash Bishnoi 1 year ago

    Really impressive and very nice Initiative

  • T. IJE O
    T. IJE O 1 year ago

    The other normal in some people’s homes that most are not aware of, awesome 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💜💜💜💜🤘🏾

  • Mohammad Hassan
    Mohammad Hassan 1 year ago

    Love YRF ❤❤.from pakistan

  • subhamoy sasmal
    subhamoy sasmal 1 year ago

    Nice yar

  • Raj Biswas
    Raj Biswas 1 year ago

    👌👌👌...yrf production is very creative and very inspirational for all.....

  • Sonu Agarwal
    Sonu Agarwal 1 year ago

    This should go viral 👌👏

  • pequenas ganbiaras Scherer

    Pq vcs n fazem o filme romeu o vira lata atrapalhado 2 ? Por favor respondam

  • Mohammed Dilshad
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  • Rajarshi Das
    Rajarshi Das 1 year ago

    What a lovely initiative YRF! Keep it up. Loads of support. ♥️

  • Shruti keshri
    Shruti keshri 2 months ago

    Become fan of this beautiful band

  • Keval Youtube
    Keval Youtube 1 year ago

    Sahi hai yaaar

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