Undefeated Triumph Of Nithila | A Short Film I A. R. Rahman

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  • Published on Nov 14, 2018

  • For those of us complaining about Life, Destiny and Depression... check out the “Undefeated Triumph of Nithila". Subscribe To A. R. Rahman: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3mb... LIKE on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arrahman Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/arrahman Website: http://www.arrahman.com
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  • Phani Kalyan
    Phani Kalyan 3 months ago

    So moved, inspiring. More and more power to Nithila. ❤️🎼

  • Ebrahim Badsha
    Ebrahim Badsha 3 months ago

    How shameful am i ? Being born perfect yet depressed about life. How gifted is my life yet I complain. How beautiful is those humans who live an happy and satisfied way even though born with a lot of difficulties 🙏🏽

  • dinesh vijayan
    dinesh vijayan 3 months ago

    I am so proud for having you as my class mate Nithila 💪💪

  • henry kaye
    henry kaye 3 months ago

    Such a brave girl.This would be one of best example for women empowerment.

  • மெட்ராஸ்க்காரன்

    மதிப்பிற்குரிய திருமதி ராஜி , திரு ராஜா சேகர் , நீங்கள் இருவரும் மிக சிறந்த தாய் , தந்தையர் .

  • Rajaguru Anandhan
    Rajaguru Anandhan 3 months ago

    Apart from being the most prominent and successful Music composer in the world, he (

  • sreekanta sai
    sreekanta sai 3 months ago

    She didn't shed a single tear, it's mighty

  • Tamizh velan
    Tamizh velan 3 months ago (edited)

    Ar Rahman Sir nan ungal adimai sir😍

  • jaishankarkrish
    jaishankarkrish 3 months ago

    Kudos to the team for bringing her story to light. ARR sharing this is gonna change her life. But just a dash of reality, every kid has a hidden talent in them. We as parents fail to tap into them. But again how many of those parents can afford to pay for piano lessons. How many children can afford the luxury of cultivating a hobby as learning a musical instrument. Most importantly how many of those teachers can afford to bring out the talent without any expectations. Many a Talent without moral and financial support are fading away in the smog

  • dinesh vijayan
    dinesh vijayan 3 months ago

    I am so proud for having you as my class mate Nithila 💪💪

  • Krishna Sharma
    Krishna Sharma 3 months ago

    I salute to the parents and to you Nithila. Now you became a reason for me to practice more music and discover myself as a good person as well as a musician. God bless you...

  • Nidhuna Official
    Nidhuna Official 3 months ago

    She is an inspiration for every women. The best part of her life is her parents.

  • K. satyam
    K. satyam 3 months ago

    😦😦😦😦 a sad story....

  • Prasad Raghu
    Prasad Raghu 3 months ago

    Pullinangal song is very good. Best song from ARR this year. 2nd would be oru viral.

  • anand Tiwari
    anand Tiwari 3 months ago (edited)

    No comments sir from my side just feeling the positivity ..... 🙏🙏

  • Ashok அசோக் meesalur மீசலூர்

    தாத்தா வைகோ அவர்களை போலவே போராட்டம் குணமும் தன்னம்பிக்கையும்... விடாமுயற்சி.. வாழ்த்துக்கள்... சகோதரி...

  • Al manzoorsha
    Al manzoorsha 3 months ago

    Ar Fans like 👍❤

  • Arthi P
    Arthi P 3 months ago (edited)

    Ar Rahman

    DAODV 3 months ago

    real hero of INDIA

  • Ruthra Moorthy
    Ruthra Moorthy 2 months ago

    தலைவர் வைகோ அவர்களின் பேத்தி நித்திலாவின் இசைக்கு ,திரை இசைப்புயல்