Filmfare winner 'Shameless' short * Sayani Gupta & Hussain Dalal. Premiered at NYIndianFF

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  • Published on Mar 25, 2019

  • An uncouth guy who orders online is trapped by the delivery girl.
  • Filmfare winner 'Shameless' short * Sayani Gupta & Hussain Dalal. Premiered at NYIndianFF tags


  • जय गुप्ता

    Aaj se zomato swiggy band 😬🤐😜

  • Rashi Sharma
    Rashi Sharma 1 month ago

    Damn...this girl's eyes played the major role!!!

  • Siddharth Tewari
    Siddharth Tewari 1 month ago

    People may serve us but they may not be our servants

  • Bijaya Kc
    Bijaya Kc 1 month ago

    O god the way she smile that's frightening

    SATYA MISHRA 2 days ago

    No guys. Zomato swiggy band nahi. Aaj se badtameezi band. Dusron pe apni insecurities vent out karna band. Trying to be a stud by showing others down band. Itna sab kuch band karne k liye bas ek cheez shuru..... Khudki izzat karna. If u know ur worth, u'll not always try to show others theirs.

  • Rahul Shah
    Rahul Shah 1 month ago

    Sayani Gupta is a terrific actress. The way she used her eyes was amazing. Those who have said she did overacting don't understand anything.

  • Clementine Reads-A-Lot

    Everyone is fighting their own battles. Lets not be harsh on the guy. He has his own struggles without overlooking his chutiyapan.

  • Robby Penkar
    Robby Penkar 1 month ago

    Sayani gupta is one of the best actress in Bollywood her acting is very perfect her timing and every moment is natural.

  • Snehal Sinha
    Snehal Sinha 1 month ago

    Her eyes are like momo challenge

  • Dancing Feet
    Dancing Feet 1 month ago

    This is damn acting... You are far better than other so called one's 💕

  • Tina Nath
    Tina Nath 1 month ago

    Bhai aab to kuch saram kor. Failure koy galti nehi hai. Par pehele khud insan baan aur dusro pe thori insaniat dikha

  • Chandni Daiya
    Chandni Daiya 1 month ago

    Yup sensitive topic needed for this app digitised generation. Ppl r forgetting our main values like respect

  • Kidilam2006
    Kidilam2006 1 month ago

    Give respect and take respect ! Sorry for being racist, but the culture in north, especially Delhi, Punjab, Himachal etc. - the way they treat service workers is quite ugly !

  • Moderator
    Moderator 16 hours ago


  • Kavita Gusain
    Kavita Gusain 1 month ago

    I want a second part. Open ending kyu ????

  • Rajeev Sangroula
    Rajeev Sangroula 1 day ago

    What’s the moral of this story😶.?

  • sharkface
    sharkface 23 hours ago

    I think I have seen the lead actor somewhereelse was he in AIB?

  • Surbhi Adak
    Surbhi Adak 1 month ago

    Sayani has something unique..will go far..all d best sayani

  • Kisan Bamsi
    Kisan Bamsi 1 month ago

    Actor n actress so much telant n real in this story .god bless from Nepal

  • Amber Pradhan
    Amber Pradhan 3 weeks ago

    Behave like a good human being 👍👍damn good story.. Luvit