FilterCopy | Bhai vs. Bhai | Ft. Ayush Mehra and Rohan Shah

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  • Published on May 14, 2018

  • When it comes to siblings and specially brothers, pranks are a very important part of growing up. Check out this video which has a few 'pranks' which brothers play on each other and let us know what you think about them in the comments below. If you want to see your favourite team’s prank video, head to: http://bit.ly/KingfisherPrankLeague #KFPrankLeague PRODUCER Aditya Pisharody Hitesh Pardeshi CREATIVE PRODUCER Nishaad Javeri DIRECTOR Gaurav Dashputra ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Rajat Taneja WRITER Rajat Taneja DOP Aniruddha Patankar CAST (in alphabetical order) Ayush Mehra Ivan Rodrigues Rohan Shah Sangeetha Rao Shabnam Vadhera Yash Shah EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Sangeetha Rao Subhasmita Chakrabarti BRANDS SOLUTIONS Anubhav Rao Ragini Roy Shivi Singh ART DIRECTOR Shraddha Herekar EDITOR Zishan Zaffar ART ASSISTANTS Anaya Joshi Abhishek Jadhav Shreyas Shelar COLOR GRADING Gaurav Dashputra SOUND DESIGN Sudhanshu Gaur SUBTITLING Gaurav Dashputra GRAPHICS Toosid Manoj Omre Shreya Sethi Antara Pathak SPOT Chandan Kumar Hunny MAKEUP AND HAIR Krtika Mehra WARDROBE Mahendra Prasad CAMERA ATTENDANT Sanket Choudhary LIGHT ATTENDANT Aftab Alam Ejaj SOUND RECORDIST Gopal Kamila
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  • FilterCopy
    FilterCopy 1 year ago (edited)

    What are the pranks that you have played on your brother/sister? Comment below!

  • sufiya ahmed
    sufiya ahmed 1 year ago

    They both look so cute!! How many of you agree??? ❤️❤️❤️

  • spng ss
    spng ss 3 months ago (edited)


  • Lakshita Mahajan
    Lakshita Mahajan 10 months ago

    Please make a part 2 of it. It's damn aswsome

  • suravi kar
    suravi kar 10 months ago (edited)

    Abe Pizza hut...& Ring ring uthaiye na... awesome😂😂😂

  • Zellyz space
    Zellyz space 2 months ago

    abbey pizza hattt !!!😂😂😂lmao !!

  • Ridima Srivastav
    Ridima Srivastav 9 months ago

    That uthaiye na.....hilarious.....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • suresh kumar
    suresh kumar 2 weeks ago

    😘😍😍😝 great bro relationship between Ayush and Rohan

  • Navneet Brar
    Navneet Brar 7 months ago (edited)

    Ayush and rohan both are just osmm 😇😇💝 I love them both 💝💝nice video " Abe pizza hut " 😂😂😂

  • mandadi susheela
    mandadi susheela 3 months ago

    How cute they are ❤do you agree

  • G Joshi
    G Joshi 1 year ago

    Ring ring......uthaiye na...uthaiye na😂😂😂

  • I got no wigs left to fly

    Yaar, is there a didi vs didi one?

  • tanu tyagi
    tanu tyagi 10 months ago (edited)

    rohan shah..you killed it again ❤❤

  • Shivam Waghela
    Shivam Waghela 19 hours ago

    Plz plz tell me where to get this ringtone utha lena🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • NaVyA N K
    NaVyA N K 9 months ago

    Ayush is chooo chweet....

  • Veena Mehra
    Veena Mehra 1 year ago

    Abe PIZZA HUT...♥♥

  • zoya Ahmed
    zoya Ahmed 9 months ago

    I Love you both ayush and rohan 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Dinesh Kumar
    Dinesh Kumar 4 months ago


  • Zainab Mohammad
    Zainab Mohammad 1 day ago (edited)

    Chotta bhai is too small

  • Panchu my nickname
    Panchu my nickname 6 months ago

    Vo caller tune uthaiye na is very very funny guy's hahahahaha... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉