• Published on Apr 11, 2018

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  • Yashasvi Bhardwaj
    Yashasvi Bhardwaj 1 year ago

    What's wrong with her accent??? 😕....it seems to be fake.... (just my opinion )

  • Ivy Vaz
    Ivy Vaz 1 year ago

    She's cute and sings well but that accent is terrible! 😭😷

  • Sweta Pandey
    Sweta Pandey 10 months ago

    The most embarrassing thing?

  • Asif Siddiqui
    Asif Siddiqui 1 year ago

    'Perfect' is my favourite song tooo

  • mounika jindam
    mounika jindam 1 year ago

    She has a huge crush on ed it seems

  • deewani samiya
    deewani samiya 1 year ago

    Is She High Or Something?🤔

  • Shubham
    Shubham 1 year ago (edited)

    She is really good singer, i'm from one of her fans but she hasn't spoken about any indian artist.

  • harsh films
    harsh films 1 year ago

    she is soo cute and lovely I want to meet in future

  • Chaitra Kulkarni
    Chaitra Kulkarni 1 year ago

    Her accent his different..

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh 9 months ago

    You looks so pretty and gorgeous

  • Sunil Shabadi
    Sunil Shabadi 1 year ago

    the music is lit , could any1 tell me what the background music was?

  • Garima Singh
    Garima Singh 9 months ago

    I also know how to speak French....love u by the way😍

  • fun toos
    fun toos 3 weeks ago

    Now i am sweeming in the sweeming pool.

  • harshatha s
    harshatha s 1 year ago

    1St like😹😹

  • Heera Singh
    Heera Singh 1 year ago

    i love shirley song jab koi bat

  • Sneha .C
    Sneha .C 4 months ago

    I wish someone told her to stop faking the accent

  • Dheeraj Patil
    Dheeraj Patil 11 months ago

    Perfect song is best

  • Sahil Singh
    Sahil Singh 1 year ago

    My Love ❤

  • noob princy
    noob princy 1 year ago

    Cutest girl 😊😋😍

  • sabki Baja dunga First

    Fake accent