ビッケブランカ /『Get Physical』(official music video)

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  • Published on Apr 18, 2018

  • 1st Major Single『ウララ』 2018.4.18 on sale 01.ウララ 02.Get Physical 03.Black Rover 04.今ここで逢えたら iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/id1... amazon http://amzn.to/2EuyRS4 ▼Get Physical 【MUSIC VIDEO CAST & STAFF】 Model 安藤うぃ(la farfa model) Styling 大瀧彩乃 Hair & Make-Up mai(Nord) CAST ビッケブランカ Hair & Make-Up 山邊裕之(Rouxda'): 水着衣装協力:HoneyBonnie 撮影協力:la farfa編集部(ぶんか社) ©︎2018, Epic Games, Inc. Director:高橋未希 Cameraman:HAYA 【Official Site】 http://www.vickeblanka.com/
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  • 70kgのプラスサイズモデル安藤うぃ


  • Sehun and Jimin saved my life!

    The woman is sooooo cuteeee❤ and I love that guy's voice!

  • Angelina Eonni88
    Angelina Eonni88 9 months ago

    We all know that Vicke is a pretty man but that girl in this video is fantastic! 😍😍😍

  • ふゅちゅれれれ
    ふゅちゅれれれ 10 months ago

    Get Physical 歌詞

  • むじゃきの白熊
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  • スイレン
    スイレン 10 months ago


  • Jazzy Jefferson
    Jazzy Jefferson 10 months ago

    That woman is THICC! 🙌

  • Faveur Demel
    Faveur Demel 10 months ago

    😂I love song and I love woman she is so cute 😘😘😍😍💛💛

  • 当麻りこ
    当麻りこ 10 months ago


  • wakuwaku3 わくわく3


  • Kurama - kun
    Kurama - kun 10 months ago

    What Japanese media showing an Xbox, what weird reality is this?

  • Natalia Escobar
    Natalia Escobar 10 months ago

    Tanto la canción como el video simplemente son fantásticos , me gusto muchisimo ❤ 👏

  • ひなた
    ひなた 10 months ago


  • イカリング
    イカリング 10 months ago


  • Karla R
    Karla R 10 months ago

    no se como llegue aquí, pero me gusto ❤

  • EasternEnvoy
    EasternEnvoy 10 months ago

    The girl is adorable and so is the video❤️

  • Yin Moe Aye
    Yin Moe Aye 10 months ago

    This should go viral

  • itachisenpaix3
    itachisenpaix3 10 months ago

    Great video ✌😃👍 theres pizza, pringles, video games, and a thicc babe 😉😘😍💓 nice 👏

  • Blue :3
    Blue :3 10 months ago

    She's very beautiful! :0 ♡

  • Afaf alasmari
    Afaf alasmari 10 months ago

    Great video they all look stunning 😍