Last Songs of Groups Before Disbandment

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  • Published on Jul 11, 2017

  • RD stands for Release Date. I only recorded Kpop Groups. Comment the group you were the most sad to see disband! I got all of my Disbandment/Debut dates from https://kpopinfo114.wordpress.com Yes, I am aware ZE:A released another music video but it was a behind the scenes video, and I wanted to use their last promotional video. Yes, I am also aware that Wonder Girls released a goodbye music video, however it wasn't an actual music video and it was just something JYP Entertainment threw together. So i've decided to include "Why So Lonely" as it was their last promotional song. I am also aware that C.I.V.A is a parody girl group, however i like to include parody groups on my videos, because at the end of the day they are releasing original Kpop songs and music videos, as long as it isn't a parody remake of another existing song, I will include it on my charts. It is a almost known fact in the Kpop community that this is T-ara's last album as a group, yes they have not set a disbandment date yet, but as far as MBK Entertainment has let on, T-ara will no longer release any music together as a group. Here's a link to an article that also states the group will no longer release music: https://www.soompi.com/2017/03/22/t-a... -MBK released a statement saying that T-ara will disband by December 2017, as all of their contracts with their company are coming to an end and the girls have shown no sign of interest in resigning. The possibility of T-ara continuing under a new company is possible, but MBK owns all of T-ara's stuff (Songs, Name, March,..) so if the group did move labels, they would have to change their name just like Highlight (Beast) did.- Beast (B2ST) the group has disbanded (according to Cube Entertainment). Highlight is a completely new group that has a new debut date and new songs. Highlight isn't related to Beast legally. (Cube owns all of Beast's stuff and has copyrighted it all so that Highlight will not be able to perform old songs or use Beasts name.) Making Highlight a new group, and Beast a disbanded group. Also Cube never released an official disbandment date for Beast, so I used Highlight's debut date as Beasts disbandment date. I arrange my dates DD.MM.YY (Date.Month.Year) If a video was posted on 2 different accounts i have combined the views. Example: Zico - I Am You You Are Me is posted on CJENMUSIC Official and has 23,288,570 and is also posted on Seven Seasons Official youtube account with 901,641 views. I add the viewcounts together to make sure I give you the true viewcount. All viewcounts were taken down July 11. if you wish to submit chart ideas you can at http://ask.fm/KpopMaknae_ if you wish to learn more about the groups on this chart you can see their profiles on my website http://kpopmaknae.weebly.com *I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE AUDIO OR VISUAL RECORDINGS FROM THIS VIDEO. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED*
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  • Michelle Smirnova
    Michelle Smirnova 1 year ago

    I feel bad for all of these girls and guys that have a dream of becoming k-pop starts but when they flop, that dream feels crushed.

  • I Need A Taespoon Of Suga And A Kookie For my Tae.

    seeing these rookies disbanding not even a year since debut makes me sad.

  • Sana’s Shy Language
    Sana’s Shy Language 8 months ago

    Who knew Jessie was in a Kpop group once. I only know her as a soloist.

  • MrPenguinz Ev
    MrPenguinz Ev 8 months ago

    Why no body talks about Miss A?

  • Rââ Rââ
    Rââ Rââ 4 months ago

    Best ballad song that them disband :

  • Thư Lê
    Thư Lê 7 months ago

    The Ark is really talented. I've watched clips of them covering songs and dances in a park, they have good rappers, dancers and vocals. Their debut song is so beatiful too. Its MV made me cry. How could a group like that disband?

  • Caro Mejia
    Caro Mejia 5 months ago

    I'm so happy Minx moved to Dreamcatcher. I really love that grupo, they are so talnted and the new concept is amazing and refreshing.

  • Target Bleach
    Target Bleach 7 months ago

    Are you sure this isn't the try not to cry challenge???

  • TXT Stitch
    TXT Stitch 5 months ago

    IOI with the saddest song before they got disbanded

  • Animely
    Animely 1 year ago

    you really can see which songs were made to be the goodbye song and which one were just supposed to be another comeback...

  • Brianah Nicole Guerina
    Brianah Nicole Guerina 6 months ago (edited)


  • MrBackwardsforwards
    MrBackwardsforwards 7 months ago

    4minute's disbandment will always hurt most, They were finally hitting their mainstream stride and were well on their way to being a top 3 girl group and then broke up a few months later. Other sad ones are tiny g that never really got a chance, kara, who had 2 solid comebacks with the new unit but couldn't make it work, and wonder girls, who reinvented their gimmick but once again, lost members.

  • Watanabe Haruto
    Watanabe Haruto 1 month ago

    Best last sing before disband (for me)

  • - queexy
    - queexy 1 month ago

    T-ara didn't disbanded! They just left mbk.

  • HiddenKard
    HiddenKard 1 year ago (edited)

    The last number of likes is which disbanded group u get:

  • Javito uwu
    Javito uwu 8 months ago

    I miss Jewerly, Tiny G, Chocolat, Evol, The Ark, Rainbow, Co-Ed, 4L, I.O.I, Kara, Sistar, 2ne1, 4minute, Wonder Girls & Miss A😢

  • hᄐᄋniᄐ bᄐᄐ
    hᄐᄋniᄐ bᄐᄐ 2 months ago

    So glad we still have Minx and Beast in Dreamcatcher and Highlight 3

  • Jia Yue Yang
    Jia Yue Yang 5 months ago

    IOI would have been such a great group if they didn’t disband

  • Abi W
    Abi W 8 months ago

    T-ara are still queens 👑💕

  • otakubtsmess 민호 보따리

    Luckily beast is now highlight