[MV] TheEastLight(더 이스트라이트) _ Love Flutters(설레임)

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  • Published on May 24, 2018

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  • Chaesoo Park
    Chaesoo Park 7 months ago

    I am never gonna be able to look at these videos the same way I did before I found out what is happening behind the scenes

  • Rin 3
    Rin 3 7 months ago

    Poor kids,who would’ve thought that they were abused?

  • Happy Poison
    Happy Poison 11 months ago

    pls sleep on your beds and not on this pure talent

  • Ela Chan
    Ela Chan 7 months ago (edited)

    I liked their style so much! But OMG they were being brutally abused!!! How is this even possible!!! Poor boys!!! 😯💔

  • Beatriz Rezende
    Beatriz Rezende 11 months ago (edited)

    For those of you who might be seeing the kids for their first time, they are a kpop band called The EastLight. Let me tell you a bit abou them:

  • kizirish
    kizirish 11 months ago

    this band needs more attention 😢

  • Sanha's Braces & Hwall's Archery Skills

    I don't even know how to feel now knowing the context behind the scenes of this MV. I don't even think I can smile at this cheery song anymore

    ERMAHGERD WUT 11 months ago

    Tfw you suddenly wished you were a pineapple....

  • stan 1the9 and the boyz

    ten would totally love this music video

  • luhan's nipples
    luhan's nipples 11 months ago

    A summer bop

  • Khairiyah Faizal
    Khairiyah Faizal 6 months ago

    Seeing this after hearing about the violence... Holy shit I'm super emo right now

  • Linda Thao
    Linda Thao 11 months ago


  • Anastasia Wadleigh
    Anastasia Wadleigh 7 months ago (edited)

    Lmao why is nobody talking about the fact that Eunsung is wearing Gucci. We Stan.

  • Angelica Cordero
    Angelica Cordero 7 months ago

    My poor babies :(

  • STU-Veronica Haro
    STU-Veronica Haro 6 months ago

    I am almost crying while watching this now knowing about all the abuse they where going through.

  • chxngbizn
    chxngbizn 11 months ago

    came here for woojin because of pd101 but stayed for the rest of the boys and the music ♥️

  • Pauline Javellana
    Pauline Javellana 11 months ago

    I feel like doing a hoola now and shakin some maracas

  • chxngbizn
    chxngbizn 11 months ago

    after watching this, i suddenly love fruits- 😂

  • *Always* *Reigning* .
    *Always* *Reigning* . 11 months ago


  • —syihan
    —syihan 7 months ago

    Im not a big fan of this song, BUT THEY ARE SO TALENTED.