[HOT] TVXQ - The Chance of Love, 동방신기 - 운명 Show Music core 20180414

Sitene Add
  • Published on Apr 14, 2018

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  • Kx
    Kx 10 months ago

    i love with how much expression they dance, there's no one like tvxq ♥ true kings, we are already missing you ♥

  • Jungkook, Seulgi & Baekhyun


  • Pradita Ananda
    Pradita Ananda 10 months ago (edited)

    Only kings would wear kings outfit. Best outfit so far❣️

  • JM
    JM 10 months ago

    Two hot bachelors of Korea

  • Rocío Gadea
    Rocío Gadea 10 months ago

    the move and the expression on

  • ziflowershine
    ziflowershine 10 months ago

    Lol SM wont let them breath. Korean Comeback isnt their priority anymore. Their fully package dome concert cant wait anymore. Legend didnt need winning music show so whatever. ❤

  • Bbang Deokki
    Bbang Deokki 10 months ago

    Goodbye stage omg😭😭

  • CloseYourLips ShutYourTongue

    the fact that i could hear that high five janfjasfg

  • ccunajun
    ccunajun 10 months ago

    Their voices are still stable while dancing!

  • JM
    JM 10 months ago


  • Johanna Balajadia
    Johanna Balajadia 10 months ago

    The mics are so sensitive that we can hear them clicking, high-fiving &clapping. 😂

  • baeks bish
    baeks bish 10 months ago

    But is it alright my cause of death to be yunho's presence

  • Just here as a fan of the gorgeous JaeHoMin :3

    Okay this is an absolutely flawless performance as usual but I can’t help but notice that Min’s voice is tired and it breaks my heart a little /3 I hope he’s okay and taking care of himself. Thank you for this majestic stage despite how tired you may be sweetie ❤️

  • WeAreT HoMin
    WeAreT HoMin 10 months ago

    One word " PERFECT" ❤❤

  • Mario 777
    Mario 777 10 months ago

    TVXQ 😍😍😍 performance 😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍 👏👏👏 You're the best, TVXQ. Stage outfit is super, too.💗 love you, and love this performance , too.

  • jimin park
    jimin park 10 months ago

    the perfect live not surprised they are tvxq ofc and I love their outfits so much haha sad that this is already they goodbye stage lmao disappointed but not surprised

  • Snessonic
    Snessonic 10 months ago

    They really are masters of being CUTE and SEXY at the same time! ♥

  • Thảo Ngân
    Thảo Ngân 10 months ago

    Black suits, they are so hot. I'm dying

  • D Julie
    D Julie 10 months ago

    WTF? Is that their goodbye-stage already? I've waiting for 2 years till their comback. And they just performed 2weeks. Really sad. Anyway, I will support you two no matter how. Hope to see more of their performance.

  • THANKS Seventeen
    THANKS Seventeen 10 months ago

    cassies everywhere holding light sticks;_;❤