Julian Newman: 12-Year-Old Phenom INSANE Workout

Sitene Add
  • Published on Oct 12, 2014

  • Julian Newman gets ready for his 7th grade season (3rd year playing high school varsity) with a crazy workout at Downey Christian (Orlando, Florida). He turned 13 in September but this workout was filmed before his birthday. Leave a comment if you're interested in buying a Hoops Ink T-Shirt. Most shirts at $15
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  • Collin Turnbaugh
    Collin Turnbaugh 2 years ago

    And 2 years later he is litterally the same player

  • keyshawn the goat
    keyshawn the goat 4 months ago

    2019 he finally played lamelo🤦🏼‍♂️ and lost‼️

  • Kemper Cook
    Kemper Cook 1 day ago

    Ya know what, I just realized how deep Kobe's voice is!😂

  • BreakThemUp 2k
    BreakThemUp 2k 5 months ago


  • Ho Andrew
    Ho Andrew 1 year ago

    Too much workouts at the early age and you found that he's still not very tall even now

  • Cameron Dehner
    Cameron Dehner 3 years ago

    I wish I had somebody to work with me like he does. And the gear.

  • Gift Pat
    Gift Pat 20 hours ago

    This kids crossovers are crazzzzyyyyyy!

  • Elijah Williams
    Elijah Williams 3 months ago

    2019 is pretty much the same other than his basketball IQ growing and him gaining more muscle which comes with strength and speed

  • Alexas OtherVoice
    Alexas OtherVoice 3 weeks ago

    If his dad planned all this he should of at least married a 6'6 chick

    THE GUANDU sm 2 days ago

    El chamaquito es duro eso me acuerda cuando yo jugaba que dejaba parado mi oponente de tan rápido que yo era... Para Lante hay futuros hay

  • Martiiin 8112003
    Martiiin 8112003 1 day ago

    why he dribbling so damn hard💀

  • Aiconic
    Aiconic 1 month ago

    NEWSFLASH: Julian Newman is NOT a phenom.

  • forbiddenXsanctuary
    forbiddenXsanctuary 1 month ago

    The way he jerks his head around when he dribbles is hilarious

  • Alan Boles
    Alan Boles 10 months ago

    sorry throwing a basket ball at him while he dribbles isn't beneficial. I played ball my entire life and if you want to create pressure while dribbling then throw a defender on him, your best one. Also if you want to improve his dribbling, making him hold onto something as he dribbles teaches what exactly? Maybe I am just a hater but I think training should be effective, not unorthodox and pointless.

  • Maurice Ball
    Maurice Ball 2 years ago

    I hope his grades are just as good....basketball has a shelf life, and there has to be something after he makes his last bucket.

  • Slushybushi 12
    Slushybushi 12 3 months ago

    In 2019 he is still the same

  • Pollito Con Papas
    Pollito Con Papas 23 hours ago

    Todos alabando su talento , pero yo veo esfuerzo , mucho esfuerzo.

  • Shadow Moses 8
    Shadow Moses 8 4 weeks ago

    what song sound in the minut 1 and 42 seconds (

  • iker galvan nuñez
    iker galvan nuñez 3 days ago

    no nina ha el y a ti vente a CADIZ tu y el que os voy cabando un abujero en la pista que os voy ha enterrar vivos a los dos

  • JohnPRiosa
    JohnPRiosa 1 month ago

    Literally nothing has changed. Height or skills wise. It was all a waste.