Extreme Camo PRANK in Hide & Seek! DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019

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  • Preston
    Preston 1 month ago

    Sub or I'll tell everyone your hide and seek spots

  • Evelyn Regenhardt
    Evelyn Regenhardt 1 month ago


  • Coco Da Coconut
    Coco Da Coconut 1 month ago


  • Aaliyah Hunter
    Aaliyah Hunter 1 month ago

    Preston is the best i love you😍😘

  • Rayane Elkhoh
    Rayane Elkhoh 1 week ago

    [bri] I found charizard

  • Egg
    Egg 1 month ago

    your crush wiłł......💕

  • Stacey world
    Stacey world 1 week ago

    I am a big fan of you#

  • Michelle Butler
    Michelle Butler 2 weeks ago

    Your the ttrue is isecream skin

  • Abdulla Ali
    Abdulla Ali 1 day ago

    I love you and poke but now I know you made a distrack on him 😔 😤😠😡

  • Slime Masters
    Slime Masters 1 month ago

    Roses are red

  • Montage Boi
    Montage Boi 1 month ago

    I remember when you made humble and fantastic non faked content now a days you have started to veer onto the fake side of YouTube go back Preston please go back

    MLG DISCO GAMING 1 week ago

    I subscribed and put on the notifications!

  • Scott Mccall
    Scott Mccall 2 weeks ago

    I couldn't figure out who was the camera guy was cause I haven't watched his videos in a long time and he wasn't using his fake voice

  • Wamika Kumar
    Wamika Kumar 19 hours ago

    When Preston first got out of the rug/blanket he looked like Josh

  • Joseph Sam
    Joseph Sam 6 days ago

    I also feel Keith so sad that in the second round

  • juan garcia
    juan garcia 1 month ago

    There are fish who look like that THE BLOB FISH

  • Sabrina Maghirang
    Sabrina Maghirang 1 month ago

    Yup i followed you on Tik Tok

  • Ostberg Abode
    Ostberg Abode 1 week ago


  • Oof Mighty
    Oof Mighty 3 weeks ago

    I’m 100% sure that they were joking that Preston had and obvious spot.

  • Taylor Eubanks
    Taylor Eubanks 1 week ago

    I liked subscribed and turned on notifications