• Published on Oct 2, 2017

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  • svt_rockmyhead
    svt_rockmyhead 8 months ago

    TOP 10 of the most watched ROLLERCOASTER DANCES in Weekly Idol! ⬇️

  • I love puppys en kittens

    Most funny: big bang and btob

  • Kpop TV Channel 101
    Kpop TV Channel 101 3 months ago

    They are the top 3. People should pay attention to this talented groups they deserve the fame for their talents.

  • Ruri Chikans
    Ruri Chikans 2 months ago

    Girlgrouh : Gfriend - Red Ved♥♥♥

  • Jennie Tzuyu
    Jennie Tzuyu 2 months ago

    Twice and Got7 got 2 songs each in the most viewed 2X dance. JYP fam ftw. But damn Gfriend and Seventeen are amazing like woah Mingyu looks so effing good and Sowon.

  • i m
    i m 11 months ago

    Most funny : big bang and btob

  • Althea Greecel Insilada

    For me:

  • Im Mima
    Im Mima 2 months ago

    SEVENTEEN GFRIEND and GOT7 are amazing. So proud of my Queens and kings 💓💚💋

  • Kpop FF
    Kpop FF 2 months ago

    svt don't wanna cry shoulg get more views they are so talented

  • Roku.
    Roku. 1 month ago

    It's base on the views but on the real performance, Seventeen, Gfriend and Got7 is the most synchronized.

  • Supernaturlisch
    Supernaturlisch 1 year ago

    Don't Wanna Cry x2 is LEGENDARY. Jesus, so in sync.

  • Why Was I Not Born In Korea? TM
    Why Was I Not Born In Korea? TM 1 month ago (edited)

    I’m proud of SVT and GFriend ❤️ But Bigbang is so extra omg-

  • Mya N.
    Mya N. 1 month ago

    Gfriend/SVT have the best synchronization out of all the groups in this video and they have harder choreo too. I'm very impressed.

  • Meerim Urmatbek kyzy
    Meerim Urmatbek kyzy 2 months ago

    Don't wanna cry 😍💘❤️💕💖

  • Noorhakimi Irsalina Widyan

    Kings : Seventeen👑

  • kim ARMY RMs little gul

    my mouth is widely open after SEVENTEEN's Performance so so...perfect🤤

  • Ugly Duckling
    Ugly Duckling 1 month ago (edited)

    caught my eyes

  • Maya Gomolka
    Maya Gomolka 1 month ago

    At btob’s dance, Hani seemed more interested in Minhyuk than the actual dance😂

  • Angeline Ong
    Angeline Ong 2 months ago

    Don't wanna cry just in 9th place? It's the hardest for me though. The chorus part is so hard even its in a normal speed because it's already fast. Seventeen killed 2x faster, it's like a normal video that is edited to make a 2x speed.

  • AsSlow AsEver
    AsSlow AsEver 2 months ago

    I cant help but laughing when i see daesung 😂😂😂