펜타곤, 자세히 보아야 다르다? [파트바꾸기]

Sitene Add
  • Published on Apr 11, 2018

  • 펜타곤하고 파트를 바꿀 때마다 느끼는 거지만 얼핏 보면 완벽해 보입니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • 펜타곤, 자세히 보아야 다르다? [파트바꾸기] tags


  • kristianne
    kristianne 1 year ago

    wooseok doing yanan’s “my baby” killed me and i want a clip of it to be projected onto my tombstone pls

  • kaela
    kaela 1 year ago


  • danii colee
    danii colee 1 year ago

    E’Dawn screaming “Saranghaeeeeeee” 😂😂😍😂💀 Such a great vocal👌🏻😂 And “MY BABYY” And seriously Hui looks so tiny compared to Wooseok in this video😂

  • maram
    maram 1 year ago

    hyojung trying to do jinho’s high note and wooseok doing yanan’s “my baby”... iconic

  • Icha
    Icha 1 year ago

    Wooseok's "MY BABY" is definitely going into the funniest moments vid for Shine era 😂😂

  • PetalHoney
    PetalHoney 1 year ago

    Jinho is so excited to do E'dawn's parts fuckmdjdidmdmdjd he's so cute!!!!!

  • kPoP LoVe
    kPoP LoVe 1 year ago (edited)


  • 이강지황
    이강지황 1 year ago


  • Richa Carensia
    Richa Carensia 1 year ago

    proof that nobody can replace kino

  • Khánh Tâm Lê Nguyên

    All I see is Maknae line is too tall and Hyung line is too smolll 😂😂

  • maram
    maram 1 year ago

    Kino’s laugh is the most precious thing it just cleared my skin, did my homework, watered my corpses, studied for my exam, saved the bees, ended global warming... we don’t deserve him

  • Nabiilah A
    Nabiilah A 1 year ago

    kino always get kino, he's lucky xD

  • ame yuya
    ame yuya 1 year ago

    Pentagon = mess lol

  • ETFbvbAA
    ETFbvbAA 1 year ago

    Jinho in the beginning was so freaking cute like my heart omfg

  • jo jinho's pen
    jo jinho's pen 1 year ago

    Wooseok's "my baby" got me dYing

  • Bella Vibe
    Bella Vibe 1 year ago (edited)

    Nope, i cannot deal with the cuteness which is Jinho, him singing along to Edawn’s lines is everything

  • Val Cortés
    Val Cortés 1 year ago


  • 사랑녀이동혁찐

    오늘부터 펜타콘 팬 할게요... 진호 넘 기엽다😆😊

  • Audina Chairun Nisa
    Audina Chairun Nisa 1 year ago (edited)

    So lucky that kino always get the same. And wooseok said "my baby" is the cutest ever! Truly maknae

  • merumeru
    merumeru 1 year ago

    why does kino keep getting his part is he rigging part switch challenges what's going on 😂😂