[MV] MeloMance(멜로망스) _ Just Friends(욕심) DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018

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  • Hellomonic 90
    Hellomonic 90 1 year ago

    We're best friends since 2008. One day in 2011, i write on my blog about how I feel to my BF. I didn't know that he read that, but turns out he has the same feeling too. We're married now :)

  • Leothedeepthinker
    Leothedeepthinker 1 year ago

    This song really hits me. I had a feeling for my friend before but I was too afraid to confess. And now that friend already married to somebody else who’s brave enough to confess. My advice on this, don’t be like me. You will regret for not confessing. you will keep wondering for the rest of your life, what if you’re brave enough, would things change? Now what’s left is just ‘what if’.

  • Kathyleen Dino
    Kathyleen Dino 1 year ago

    "Why am I so afraid to lose you.

  • 태슬기
    태슬기 1 year ago

    친구를 짝사랑 한다는건 그동안 쌓아온 추억까지도 아픈 추억이될 수 있다는거.

  • 히나
    히나 8 months ago

    에휴 짝사랑 힘드네 뭔 인간 하나 때문에 감정이 왔다갔다해... 누가 보먄 병 걸린 줄 알 것 같음 에휴 짝사랑 그만하고 싶다

  • weird pokemon trainer

    the best song to describe how friendzoned really feel TT

  • Noah Qualice
    Noah Qualice 1 year ago (edited)

    멜로망스 - 욕심

  • Gita A
    Gita A 1 year ago

    Perfect anthem for the friendzone victims

  • 김소현
    김소현 1 year ago

    솔직히 노래들으면 그사람 생각이 자연스레 나요

  • Carlos Valladolid
    Carlos Valladolid 1 year ago

    I'm back for more Melomance. His voice enchants me. No wonder why he's a hit in Korea.

  • 김채연
    김채연 1 year ago

    아무리 오래된 친구라 해도

  • 랑배고파
    랑배고파 9 months ago

    12월달에도 듣고잇는분 ?

  • 이한울
    이한울 1 year ago

    또 띵곡 뽑았네

  • &Y S
    &Y S 1 year ago

    남녀관계뿐만 아니라 한 사람을 두고 사랑과 우정에서 갈등하는 친구사이를 노래한 것으로도 들리네요

  • ann park
    ann park 1 year ago

    아 진짜 너무 좋네요 ㅠㅠ

  • Suga Kookiex
    Suga Kookiex 1 year ago

    Your music always comforting me.. thanks :)

  • 이창민
    이창민 1 year ago

    아무리 오래된 친구라 해도

  • 조승현
    조승현 1 year ago

    제 상황이랑 너무 똑같아서 마음이 먹먹해지는 노래네요ㅠㅠ.... 노래도 너무 잘부르세요ㅜㅜㅜ

  • 이오
    이오 11 months ago

    내 얘기랑 이렇게 똑같냐 .........

  • MadRhaima
    MadRhaima 1 year ago

    My tears, 😢 I can really relate. I have a crush and I'm afraid to tell my feelings and now we're just friends. It hurts. 💔