[Teaser] UNI.T(유니티) _ No More(넘어)

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  • Published on May 14, 2018

  • [Teaser] UNI.T(유니티) _ No More(넘어) Artist : UNI.T Title : No More(넘어) Release : 2018.05.18 ▶1theK FB : http://www.facebook.com/1theK ▶1theK TW : https://twitter.com/1theK ▶1theK Kakao : https://goo.gl/otRpZc
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    ROOKIE 11 months ago

    I can't believe I lived to the day to see Yebin doing a sexy concept

  • Annie Nam
    Annie Nam 11 months ago

    Wow ZN looks like a Queen 😍 SLAYYYY

  • Carsy Lee
    Carsy Lee 11 months ago

    They upload it in 1thek? but not for UNB before right?

  • Val
    Val 11 months ago

    tbh I'm here only for Euijin and ZN 3

  • YelynaCeyzella Lahai
    YelynaCeyzella Lahai 11 months ago

    HONG EUIJIN MY GODDESS.. UNI.T time to shine...the song freaking addictive..

    TRCNG BABIES 11 months ago

    Let's make UNI.T re-debut be successful!!! Their debut song was really good, we should give the recognition it deserves!!!

  • Jane W
    Jane W 11 months ago

    As a Latte, I am supporting ZN. I love these girls though...Go Uni.T!

  • mingyu's legs
    mingyu's legs 11 months ago (edited)

    Oh my godddd a sexy concept for Uni.T they all look so good Im so glad they didn't do a cutesy concept

  • Steph Andrade
    Steph Andrade 11 months ago

    Goddess ZN ❤ fighting!

  • melzer 13
    melzer 13 11 months ago

    I'm just so thankful for the fact that KBS and THP learnt their lesson from UNB's debut and realized that they need to promote their artists under a bigger channel like 1theK instead of only on a small channel like Interpark for wider exposure. If only they'd thought about that when they were debuting UNB, more people would probably be aware of their existence. Well, all I can say is better late than never right? Uni.t has the advantage of debuting later than their male counterparts so hopefully the management will have more know-hows of what works and what doesn't when planning the girls debut promotion.

  • HYERL_0609 (Matt)
    HYERL_0609 (Matt) 11 months ago (edited)


  • Secret Admirer
    Secret Admirer 11 months ago

    Okay so the last scene in the teaser is of them in the rain....first time they performed the song on Dream Concert it was raining....hmmmmmm

  • G. Seulgi
    G. Seulgi 11 months ago

    ZN really suit this concept!

  • 박지윤
    박지윤 11 months ago

    Fly ZN!!!! You're the best my girl😍😍😍

  • natt
    natt 11 months ago

    Hey friends!! Please remember that if you haven't seen the live performance of the song already that jiwon has the smallest amount of lines. The only reason for that is because she has vocal nodules and has to rest with minimum vocal strain for a month or so.... Otherwise she would've probably had a lot of lines.

  • ยงยุทธ ขุนทิพย์กองลาด

    UNI.T Fighting Euijin Hwaiting!!✌

  • Esma-Nur Çınar JungHalla9897

    The fact that it was raining at their first performance of 'No more" at KBS Dream Concert like in the end of their MV. What a coincidence..🤔😲

  • J AINO
    J AINO 11 months ago

    Can we reach their MV more than one million in 24 hours? I hope we can. We can do this, girls!

  • Taeyong Lee
    Taeyong Lee 11 months ago

    so... where is the mv....?

  • mingyu's legs
    mingyu's legs 11 months ago (edited)