• Published on Apr 20, 2018

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  • Swapnil K
    Swapnil K 1 year ago

    If you throw a stone in India, chances are it will hit an Engineer.

  • kshitij sankhe
    kshitij sankhe 1 year ago

    I think Achara always understands videos more than anyone else. 😊

  • Rajat Jain
    Rajat Jain 1 year ago

    How ironic that Failure has the highest grades :p

  • Raunak Dubey
    Raunak Dubey 1 year ago

    That monologue is everything that is wrong with Indian education system and the take of society towards it. AIB deserves massive respect for creating something so hard hitting and impactfull.

  • Shaurav
    Shaurav 1 year ago

    Indians figure out what they want to do in life after their engineering.

  • Neeraj Dubey
    Neeraj Dubey 1 year ago (edited)

    Every word of that Monologue is correct in Indian context. There is not even little bit of exaggeration!!

  • 64 BIT
    64 BIT 1 year ago

    One jaby's video a day keep the doctors away

  • goutam kumar
    goutam kumar 1 year ago

    Achara should get citizenship of India

  • Vikas Yadav
    Vikas Yadav 1 year ago


  • Rupal Punse
    Rupal Punse 1 year ago (edited)

    Jaby, Achara you've watched 3 idiots right... Can you remember and relate the whole engineering scenario..??!!

  • Aman Joshi
    Aman Joshi 1 year ago

    Just wanted you to watch this series coz of this monologue.

  • Annie
    Annie 1 year ago

    The thing he said which happens only in India is the HR Interview Round for placements - Human Resources conduct a specific personality test for super technical jobs.

    AMBRISH GAUTAM 1 year ago

    Achara is more keen observer and intellect person...loads of love 💝

  • Red AQUA
    Red AQUA 1 year ago

    Imagine You Woke Up In The Morning & Saw

  • Sumit Bhowmick
    Sumit Bhowmick 2 months ago (edited)

    Our GPAs 10, which is ridiculous and somewhere its just percentages and 0.9 GPA doesn't mean 90% by the way. India is probably the only country in the world where people love to study mathematics in school, then graduate in Engineering, then post-graduate in Business Management, work as a Banker and then reattempt and retire in Civil Services. And yes, the education and placement system was so biased towards English, I had a fellow classmate who was hard-working and bright, but schooled in Hindi. And English got the better of him, so much so that by the end of the term, he struggled to get good grades and didn't get placed in any company. But I last heard from him, he is doing very much okay in his own stuff. I can vouch for one thing very clearly, and that is; Engineering in India, might not teach you much engineering after all. But it makes you a tougher human being, that knows how to laugh off of the face of your problems. All of this is coming from a Mathematics scholar, who graduated in Electronics, works in a Software Company, but what I really want to do doesn't matter and that sucks.

  • Ravneet Kaur
    Ravneet Kaur 1 year ago

    I want more reactions with Kristen

  • Nirmalya Dey
    Nirmalya Dey 1 year ago

    Such genuine reactions are tough to be found. This video will help you guys earn more subs for sure. Especially Kirsten's reaction.

  • Rahul gm
    Rahul gm 1 year ago

    I am a commerce guy..No one is ready to explore about commerce student life..

  • Red AQUA
    Red AQUA 1 year ago (edited)


  • Red AQUA
    Red AQUA 1 year ago

    It I'll Be Heavenly Pleasure If