60FPS 1080P | (G)I-DLE - LATATA, (여자)아이들 - 라타타 Show Music Core 20180512

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  • Published on May 13, 2018

  • 60FPS 1080P | (G)I-DLE - LATATA, (여자)아이들 - 라타타 Show Music Core 20180512 "Enjoy your favorite performance with 60FPS FULL HD video!" FPS means 'Frame Per Second'. It has 60frames in a second, so that you can enjoy more vividly and smoothly. We're uploading performances that can show you more clear difference compared to earlier version. Hope you feel like you were on-the-spot or even watching it backstage. ※ If you want more clear difference between this and the original version, I recommend you to watch on PC or TV.
  • 60FPS 1080P | (G)I-DLE - LATATA, (여자)아이들 - 라타타 Show Music Core 20180512 tags


  • AZWZ
    AZWZ 9 months ago

    I don't think I've wanted to watch EVERY performance of a group before (G)I-DLE. I have EVERYDAY, EVERYNIGHT Syndrome...

  • OB1Jellopy
    OB1Jellopy 9 months ago

    Yeah~ (G)I-DLE - LATATA 60fps

  • Madi Jenkins
    Madi Jenkins 9 months ago

    i’m actually glad miyeon didn’t end up debuting with bp, i think she fits a lot better here. i also think she can improve more under cube, and she wouldn’t be sitting in the basement forever

  • Manny
    Manny 9 months ago

    As of now Yuqi is my bias, but Soyeon is very close ! Her presence on the stage is undeniable !

  • What is even a bias
    What is even a bias 9 months ago (edited)

    I think I've decided on my bias, it's Minnie!! 😄💕 Yuqi is a strong second

  • every kpop mv i see is amazing

    Miyeon's hairstyleeeeeeee

  • Flaming rose
    Flaming rose 9 months ago

    I love Soyeon’s Rap and her voice , Soojin’s Charisma is amazing . Minnie is so cute , I love her part. I love Yuqi’s voice , she’s so cute , Miyeon is pretty and her voice is amazing and she’s confident , I like it , and Shuhua is the Queen . She’s all visuals .

  • Lira Barolo
    Lira Barolo 9 months ago

    They just debut but their voices are close to being stable!

  • Nhi Yen
    Nhi Yen 9 months ago

    They live so good, so talent and beautiful 😭 the beginning of debut is so perfect

  • Legally owned by Jeon Jungkook.

    Soojin who's Korean doesn't look like Korean at all.

  • Teresa Davila
    Teresa Davila 9 months ago

    Yuqi 😍😍😊

  • sunlight XYZ
    sunlight XYZ 9 months ago

    Their live can consider stable for a rookie group. As expected from Cube artists.

  • tell me what is bias
    tell me what is bias 9 months ago

    soon to rock kpop world

  • Dicka Mayland Hilmi
    Dicka Mayland Hilmi 9 months ago


  • qver rwr
    qver rwr 9 months ago


  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen 9 months ago


    BLACKPINK MADE ME GAY 9 months ago

    Yuqi, Shuhua, and Minnie. Can't really pick my bias 😂

  • Bae Chu Rene
    Bae Chu Rene 9 months ago


  • Ngọc Mạc
    Ngọc Mạc 9 months ago

    I love you so much - Yuqi 💜💙💛 💚

    I PURPLE YOU 9 months ago

    Soyeon keeps slaying! 🔥