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  • Published on May 13, 2019

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  • Vikash Barik
    Vikash Barik 2 months ago

    You didn't jump to

  • Anubhav Nair
    Anubhav Nair 2 months ago

    1.Guddu & Charlie,

  • Poonam P
    Poonam P 2 months ago


  • sameer ahmed
    sameer ahmed 2 months ago

    This film is a remake of 2017 arjun Reddy by sandeep vanga. To be very honest I don't think there is any other actor other than shahid to do this role perfectly and he is the right choice. Thanks jaby koay for your entertaining videos we just love your reactions

  • venom hope
    venom hope 2 months ago

    Shahid kapoor the hamlet of bollywood...the next king they needed but never deserved

  • srikar ayilneni
    srikar ayilneni 2 months ago (edited)

    Where is achara? Of course there's no hurry. Don't do it with out her! Cuz she's ❤❤

  • nirmal suresh
    nirmal suresh 2 months ago

    I like the way u breath - copy rights claimed by Vijay devarakonda

  • Ajay chowdhury
    Ajay chowdhury 2 months ago

    Why would I skip the preamble.. I'll see the whole thing 😊

  • jannatul Zara
    jannatul Zara 2 months ago (edited)

    Sahid Kapoor one of the most talented actor of Bollywood,,,

  • Lakshmi Vennela
    Lakshmi Vennela 2 months ago

    watch arjun reddy before kabir singh! it's worth it!! 💯

  • Ananya Anand
    Ananya Anand 2 months ago

    I missed Achara.. She analyzes the movie plot aptly.. But Jaby you did an amazing work. 💕✨ But I don't know why I love seeing you both together!

  • Jaswanth Reddy
    Jaswanth Reddy 2 months ago (edited)

    Watch Kabir Singh and Arjun Reddy... And do a comparison video...

  • lövê íń thë ãïr
    lövê íń thë ãïr 2 months ago (edited)

    Now jaby will use this line " I love the way u breathe" as pickup line... 😂😂

  • karthik gottipati
    karthik gottipati 2 months ago

    Jaby you have to watch Arjun Reddy before this!!! This looks like a very Bollywoodized version of Arjun Reddy. The original is way more dark and realistic!! Arjun Reddy is on Amazon Prime!!

  • Shriraj Bhat
    Shriraj Bhat 2 months ago

    Who else wants Achara's reaction?

  • car gamer
    car gamer 2 months ago (edited)

    No smoking directed by anurag kashyap movie reveiw plz

  • saurabh raj
    saurabh raj 2 months ago (edited)

    Wow.. I love how jaby sees what a normal person wouldn't..

    ADITYA NAUTIYAL 2 months ago

    Dhoni Won 3 IPL Trophy And Rohit Won 4 IPL Trophy. Now Both Will Play World Cup Under The Captain Who Never Won IPL Trophy. Thug life

    ARGHYA KARMAKAR 2 months ago

    This story touched my heart soo much and saheed Kapoor he is damn good in acting he is doing great in it and jaby love your reaction thanks for sharing Indian soo much

  • Naik Niranjan
    Naik Niranjan 2 months ago

    Please watch ARJUN REDDY before KABIR SINGH