ISRO: Vikram Lander Located By Chandrayaan-2's Orbiter, All Efforts On DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019

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  • ISRO: Vikram Lander Located By Chandrayaan-2's Orbiter, All Efforts On tags

  • LK S
    LK S 1 week ago

    "We are communicating with the lander. We are probing with rover."

  • Butter fly
    Butter fly 1 week ago

    Don't repeat the same news over and over again.

  • Jonswap
    Jonswap 1 week ago

    The facts as they stand:

  • B Size Indian
    B Size Indian 1 week ago

    You just repeated the same news from yesterday and calling it the latest breaking news of the day.

  • All About Amazing
    All About Amazing 1 week ago

    How many of you think that the establishment of communication will come through?

    FUN KA ADDA 1 week ago

    Request Don't make it publicaly it's secret mission of nation. Don't increase TRP in terms of nation secret revealing.

  • macky cardoso
    macky cardoso 1 week ago

    No latest update for last 24 hours just to increase trp don't go on blabbering myself also being an Indian keeping tab every moment of India's lunars mission Vikram soft landing on moon

  • Aryan Wadile
    Aryan Wadile 1 week ago

    Everything will be fine.....think positive

  • Rambabu ji
    Rambabu ji 1 week ago

    Please ISRO do post the pic of thermal image of Vikram lander even if we can't understand the iota of technical things on it

  • S R Kadarla
    S R Kadarla 1 week ago (edited)

    Please Pray Bro's 🙏🙏. Hopefully ISRO Will Establish Connection With Vikram 🙏🙏.

  • john joseph
    john joseph 1 week ago

    disintegrated ?? really ? even if Lander had a hard landing it will not disintegrate .. OMG lol

  • Anmol Virk
    Anmol Virk 1 week ago

    Arnub is also trying to communicate with lander sending voice messages

  • Mooniham Avilali
    Mooniham Avilali 1 week ago

    100/ it will work

    NIDA FATIMA 1 week ago

    We're indian ,we know the secret of success

  • Mooniham Avilali
    Mooniham Avilali 1 week ago

    Time is running out de ice and start comunicate

  • #PK KMKB
    #PK KMKB 1 week ago (edited)

    11 dislikes...ohh

  • Mohan Krishna telugu in movies

    I will join in isro to reach moon

  • Chandan Chandan das

    I don't think he will still alive

  • Abdul Moiz NIAZI
    Abdul Moiz NIAZI 1 week ago

    haha the failed nation

    RISHAB DUTTA 6 days ago

    the graph clearly showed a shift from the expected trajectory which is only possible if there is an internal failure, most probably a velocity change because there is no possibility of an external force in vacuum...due to a change in the trajectory, the truth is, that scientifically the only logical answer is that it crashed... but whether it caused severe damage or not, is yet to be known... we are all proud of our scientists and hope for the good...but pls dont spread fake facts...