Losliya ஒரு புழுகுமூட்டை - Madhumitha Angry | Bigg Boss 3 Tamil | LittleTalks DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019

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  • Losliya ஒரு புழுகுமூட்டை - Madhumitha Angry | Bigg Boss 3 Tamil | LittleTalks tags

  • Shree Nathan
    Shree Nathan 1 week ago

    Orre interview.... Total BB damaged 🤣😂🤣😂

  • tamil Thug life
    tamil Thug life 1 week ago (edited)

    தமிழன்னு சொன்னா அவ்ளோ எரிஞ்சா😠🤬🤬😡 அப்புறம் எந்த பு"""க்கு இந்த கேவலமான programme"யை ஏன்டா தமிழ்நாட்ல போடுறீங்க

    REKA NATARAJAN 4 days ago

    I admit Madhu is hurt. But 50% avanga attitude and avanga pidivadham karanama irundhurukkum. She might have tempted others to speak against her at last she felt that she helpless and she committed such thing.

  • Siva Official
    Siva Official 1 week ago

    Even if she speaks correct, I don't like the way she speaks and her body language 😬😬

  • Reena Rajesh
    Reena Rajesh 3 days ago

    She is over acting.. As if she is correct

  • Reena Rajesh
    Reena Rajesh 3 days ago

    After hearing her speech... It's better she went out..

  • Reena Rajesh
    Reena Rajesh 3 days ago

    Completely it's madhu's fraud... She only started 1st

  • Naveenaa r
    Naveenaa r 1 week ago

    Vijay. Tv , if you are true then put that madhumita last footage

  • A K
    A K 1 week ago

    You shouldn't listen to vanitha and the frootie caller. Before that you're on the right track and having good relationship with the boys.

    GOWRI HARISH 1 week ago

    U don't judge other contestants as if u r so good

  • dass dass
    dass dass 1 week ago (edited)

    Kavin pathe sonnathu 200% very true....take care madhu

  • Mahesh Rangasamy
    Mahesh Rangasamy 1 week ago

    Abi ellam oru aalu nu nee yen ma support panna..

  • Tamizh Arasan
    Tamizh Arasan 1 week ago

    Madhu neenga Hand cut panikitathu ku bathil kovathula yar na adichi irunthingana avanga kandipa atha telecast pani irupanga..

  • Alice Ria
    Alice Ria 1 week ago

    Madhu is good. Antha day nadantha footage podunga. Vijay tv one of the favorite channel. Channel meala irukka mariyathai poguthu

  • Turai Murugan
    Turai Murugan 1 week ago

    Mathumitha Unga Interview ku Romba Nandri...

  • vincey elizabeth
    vincey elizabeth 6 days ago

    she s just abusing others lik anything,.....irritated so much after seeing dis!!!

  • Dazzling KOm
    Dazzling KOm 1 week ago

    Madhu ..some of ur view point is absolutely ryte.. but overall issues that u brought was all total useless because none of it involves urself.. none of ur business actually.. u should have focused on ur goal and u were on right track to be winner.. but end of the day it’s ur fault.. learn to mind ur own business.. u can be even more better

  • Undisputed king
    Undisputed king 1 week ago

    Kakoos gang oda paid army yae Little talks dhan...Criminal ae ivangadha🤬🤬

  • Sathu Kumar
    Sathu Kumar 1 week ago

    Don't worry Madhu... Karma is a boomerang....they will get punishment for their cheap behaviour...

  • Ashok Anbarasu
    Ashok Anbarasu 1 week ago

    Vijay channel don't have guts, compare to Vijay TV , Raj digital plus is more genuine