• Premiered May 26, 2019

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  • ONLY 3 IN INDIA tags

  • Rishu Raj
    Rishu Raj 1 month ago

    Only 3 in India

  • Dipanjan Ghosh
    Dipanjan Ghosh 1 month ago (edited)

    Wah Modi Ji Wah 😂

  • daniel abreo
    daniel abreo 1 month ago

    I am not kidding, faltu hype create kia for box. Its just suitcase 😂🙄

  • Mehul Jadhav
    Mehul Jadhav 1 month ago

    Shobhit Brought Every One Label MN Cloths But, He Forgot To Bring His Own Clothes To Mumbai 😂

  • Smart Boy
    Smart Boy 1 month ago

    Who's better?

  • kuhu singh
    kuhu singh 1 month ago

    3 unboxing in 1 video... technical guru g is gonna..😂😂

  • Yash Vakharia
    Yash Vakharia 1 month ago

    Hello Sir

  • Nand Kishor Prasad
    Nand Kishor Prasad 1 month ago

    I have seen the same trolly in Flying Beast channel..

  • RajjoGaming Roxx
    RajjoGaming Roxx 1 month ago

    only legends know thumbnail is changed.

  • Aakash Gawde
    Aakash Gawde 1 month ago

    Who think that shobit is making the vlog full of fun..

  • Samriddh Prasad
    Samriddh Prasad 1 month ago

    Hi Bhai..

  • Rahul
    Rahul 1 month ago

    Y is your camera angle look like GoPro ,like it's kind of "U" shape like gopro camera angle

  • Lakshay sharma
    Lakshay sharma 1 month ago


  • Nexspace Gaming
    Nexspace Gaming 1 month ago

    Paji: ChipsPav

  • Tapodeep Chowdhury
    Tapodeep Chowdhury 1 month ago

    Technical Guruji : Am I a joke to you. ...

  • 5th clash
    5th clash 1 month ago


  • I mohit
    I mohit 1 month ago (edited)

    I like your content 😎 boy my favourite 3rd YouTube first

  • Samarth Patil
    Samarth Patil 1 month ago


  • I'm力 SaHiL
    I'm力 SaHiL 1 month ago (edited)

    1 - Technical Guruji

  • Arogan
    Arogan 1 month ago

    Technical Guruji wants to know your location 😂