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  • Published on Aug 10, 2019

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  • SAAHO | Trailer | REACTION & DISCUSSION | Prabhas | Shraddha Kapoor | Sujeeth | Jaby Koay | Achara tags

  • Elena Ivanov
    Elena Ivanov 2 weeks ago

    Love South Indian movies from Russia!! 💖

  • Orator
    Orator 2 weeks ago

    Police: 2000 cr robbed

  • Bhushan Birgale
    Bhushan Birgale 2 weeks ago (edited)

    Going to enjoy SAAHO in kashmir...! 🇮🇳

  • X Factor
    X Factor 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for watching the original version TELUGU trailer jaby

  • Jinu Panchal
    Jinu Panchal 2 weeks ago

    RIP to Pakistani People...

  • sandesh jadhav
    sandesh jadhav 2 weeks ago

    Even jaby is faster den t-series🙄

  • Sai Katukuri
    Sai Katukuri 2 weeks ago (edited)

    Currently telugu film industry(tollywood ) is on peak and litt !! Even Tamil and malayalan industries too!! Kannada film industry is too developing a lot !! waiting 4 kgf 2!! So in the end it's a proud moment for India that Indias film industry is developing

  • R!CKY D
    R!CKY D 2 weeks ago

    Congrats! Your reaction video on Saaho teaser got 1M+ views . I’m sure this video will go for next level .💫

  • SonELu Ru
    SonELu Ru 2 weeks ago

    The pink sea is kinda real. there are pink water lakes around Australia. You can check

  • Thejdeep Ramisetti
    Thejdeep Ramisetti 2 weeks ago

    It's our pride 😎 Shine on Telugu Film industry ✊ its ruling the roast

  • Kartik Reddy
    Kartik Reddy 2 weeks ago

    u mean any movie wch has dust in it is inspired from mad max 😂

  • Röméó Gaming
    Röméó Gaming 2 weeks ago

    really...i don't like bollywood movies

  • Shivani Purohit
    Shivani Purohit 2 weeks ago

    Just when it started to get crazier, Jaby said "Oh now it makes more sense" 😂

  • Darling Suhail
    Darling Suhail 2 weeks ago

    The city was created by sabu Cyril and team by 70cr budget

  • anvesh reddy
    anvesh reddy 4 hours ago

    Pls react to bad boy song from sahoo which is released two days back how many are waiting for ... Like

  • Muralidhar Rao
    Muralidhar Rao 2 weeks ago (edited)

    I'm following sujith from long time....from his short films...I underestimated him ...but he is damn genius

  • Sreelal Krishna Sree

    Wow. Trailer dropped at 5pm and Jaby's reaction ia out by 6.30pm. How fast are you Guys!!

  • Shubh updates
    Shubh updates 2 weeks ago

    I never watch trailer alone....I always wait for Jaby to upload then we can watch together.....but yes if I like the trailer I go back and watch it again ... They also deserves a view

  • Rohit Chandra
    Rohit Chandra 2 weeks ago

    Thank GOD He reacted to original Language one

  • S K
    S K 2 weeks ago

    Man you shot it, reacted to it, edited it and posted it!!? Much respect. Prabhas fans love you guys!!