Viva News - EP 4 | VIVA

Sitene Add
  • Published on Mar 14, 2017

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  • VIVA
    VIVA 2 years ago

    Click on the 'CC' button for subtitles! Cheers :)

  • Nikhitha Patnala
    Nikhitha Patnala 2 years ago (edited)

    who else smiles after receiving notification from viva? 😀😁

  • vvs Pranay
    vvs Pranay 2 years ago

    who are watching the video and scrolling through comments....

  • Ramanakumar Vavilla
    Ramanakumar Vavilla 2 years ago

    Jabardasth ,extra jabardasth laga every week Viva and Extra Viva release cheyandi bayya... :-)

  • Vamsi
    Vamsi 2 years ago

    Malli emaina ante, oooh hurt ayipotharu!

  • sasi priyanka
    sasi priyanka 2 years ago

    Raghava Garu me expressions and dialogue delivery is just simply awesome watching for you....😍😄

  • balu Oye
    balu Oye 2 years ago

    PAIDI was too funny face expressions 😂😂😂😂

  • Syed Irfan
    Syed Irfan 2 years ago

    mee iddari pair ela set aindo gani😂😂😂😂😂😂 bhale untaaru iddaru

  • Sri Lalitha Nirmala
    Sri Lalitha Nirmala 2 years ago

    shanmukh =>arey enti ràaa edhi :)

  • Pa1 Kumar M
    Pa1 Kumar M 2 years ago

    when he got notifications...I thought it is mine and paused video and searching for notifications...😂😂

  • raj vardhan
    raj vardhan 2 years ago

    I watch the video twice

  • manoj naidu
    manoj naidu 2 years ago (edited)

    yevaiyaa shanmukam chakkaga ee videollu theeskokaa yenduku manaki sethallu geethallu ani....

  • dr akhil kk
    dr akhil kk 1 year ago

    Ey Baabu, Enti Dull ga unnaru? Active ga undandi!..Konda Super Timing!

  • Anitha Arakala
    Anitha Arakala 1 year ago

    did anybody notice the news scrolling at 0.23 (down there )

  • kota pavankumar
    kota pavankumar 2 years ago

    Only 3 scenes maku chalavu bro inka yekkuvaga kavali

  • adi reddy Sravani
    adi reddy Sravani 2 years ago

    Entra ediiiiiii(in shanus voice) apudae ayipoyindhaaaa

  • syam reddy
    syam reddy 2 years ago

    its v nice y u don't try lady anchors (news readers)

  • Durga Manasi
    Durga Manasi 2 years ago

    super video ..👌👌 all the best guys.

  • prad eep
    prad eep 1 year ago

    eaven i forgot my break up

    VENKATA MURALIDHAR 2 years ago (edited)

    super bhayya u r great 😁😁😁👌👌