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  • Published on Mar 19, 2015

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  • VIVA
    VIVA 2 years ago

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  • radam sagar
    radam sagar 2 years ago

    non co-operating operator superb dialogue, enjoyed lot

  • Jay Janodia
    Jay Janodia 2 years ago

    Electronics teacher graduated from Harvard University 😂😂😂

  • Praveen G
    Praveen G 2 years ago

    To my brother's who are upset with this video as he said madikeri as a remote place, it's just a joke just watch the entire video how that lecturer is behaving, it's just intended to generate some fun not to hurt someone

  • Rajvir Kumar
    Rajvir Kumar 2 years ago

    is it meridian school at banjara hills?

  • Kethan K
    Kethan K 2 years ago

    Madikeri is a district place of Karnataka.. it is not a remote place..

  • Shakuntala ghosh
    Shakuntala ghosh 2 years ago

    i will send u to voldemort...

  • Swarupa Kanna
    Swarupa Kanna 4 years ago

    Nice way to promote the app.....was a little disappointed as I felt this was too short (looked forward to lot of comedy)....nevertheless, great effort and good job done BUT nothing can beat The Viva. Best luck for your future endeavors....

  • Samuel Stephen
    Samuel Stephen 4 years ago

    the best promotion ever 

  • Revv Hard
    Revv Hard 1 year ago

    harsha not just electronics, geography gurinchi kuda konchem telsko...madikeri is not remote village, it is the headquarters of the district

  • irahulzi
    irahulzi 3 years ago

    8.03 Minutes commercial for dabblr

  • Sunami Sumanth
    Sunami Sumanth 2 years ago

    dear viva harsha this is very nice like u only best of luck for the next once.......@

  • Laxman kodali
    Laxman kodali 3 years ago

    laughed heartfully thanks .......  Viva man    ;)   ALL da best for ur future in movies

  • Guilty Pleasure
    Guilty Pleasure 2 years ago

    just wow.. liked it soo much..

  • Janu Keshav
    Janu Keshav 1 year ago

    gud video but Sir u should never insult a place... have u seen the place called Medikeri.. it is heavy... plz stop tht.. n it is nt remote area... it is a beautiful village..... never do this again😡😡

  • ravi teja
    ravi teja 3 years ago

    anna telugu lo esunte enka keka undedi..

  • surya teja
    surya teja 3 years ago

    where is subtitle english ?? i am hard of hearing ....i could not understand anything ...please update subtitles English

  • Ganji Raja
    Ganji Raja 2 years ago

    "sir dont be a tampon........."...lol.......XD

  • gowrieswari vanjarapu


  • PBS Prawin Raaj
    PBS Prawin Raaj 2 years ago

    Hi this one also a good attempt. But I saw a comment below one that he is upset due to a word about Madikeri. So guys pls. be careful when u use about a state or community. Sometimes eventhough if u not with that intention to hurt someone also, the opposite one may get hurt & may not able to enjoy ur film...