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  • Published on Feb 13, 2016

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  • vjkrshn ro2
    vjkrshn ro2 2 years ago

    బుద్ధి కాన్సర్ - సుద్దముక్కల వ్యాపారం , కేకో కేక! 😂

  • Sai Bolloju
    Sai Bolloju 2 years ago

    i watched it almost 30 times...mukesh...u made it still laugh continuous

  • Venkataramana Somireddy

    lol.. burravedikkiya,mama miya , yea ya diseases ah..!! asalu awesome edhi . kudos for dialogue writter..

  • aditya badireddy
    aditya badireddy 3 years ago

    This movie would have made sense , had it been 2010. irctc is not the same now. Found the movie boring.

  • Varun Tarak
    Varun Tarak 2 years ago

    kekaa super adhurss viva bhayya miss iyyadu

  • Prathyusha M
    Prathyusha M 2 years ago

    Bahusa naku eppudu buddhi rakapovachu 😂😂😂😂

  • Sabniveesu Shashank
    Sabniveesu Shashank 2 years ago

    That disclaimer!! :haha: :haha:

  • Jagadish Radhakrishnan

    Nice concept, But half baked!

  • Praveen G
    Praveen G 2 years ago

    Super 👌👌👌

  • Madan Mohan
    Madan Mohan 4 months ago

    Original Mukesh already passed away why these fellows comdey on him.plz pray for him.

  • Karthi K
    Karthi K 2 years ago


  • Aditya Kondamudi
    Aditya Kondamudi 2 years ago

    Just awesome...... too much. Keep it up. Hope you guys make better ones

  • Arun Vuppudi
    Arun Vuppudi 2 years ago

    disclaimer highlight, naku bore kottinappudu e vid chustuntha

  • sameer kashyap
    sameer kashyap 2 years ago

    this is awesome I'll get it to you as soon as possible

  • aditya !
    aditya ! 3 years ago

    This was something new....keep uploading stuff guys

  • Sandhya
    Sandhya 3 years ago

    LOL..couldn't stop laughing! :D

  • Avdms Ajay kumar
    Avdms Ajay kumar 2 years ago

    spoofing perfect

  • Dinesh Kumar
    Dinesh Kumar 2 years ago

    Keka bro

  • Sindhuja Malladi
    Sindhuja Malladi 2 years ago

    expected more from viva team....concept is good...but not funny

  • Koteswari Yalagala
    Koteswari Yalagala 2 years ago

    I am a big fan of Viva group.please make funny vedios as possible.shannu and Harsha​'s acting acting​ is marvelous.