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  • Published on Apr 14, 2019

  • "I used to think you were the cleverest man alive." The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO
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  • Phila ‘20
    Phila ‘20 3 months ago

    Cersei: I wanted those elephants.

  • nkooutsider
    nkooutsider 3 months ago

    Nice that the Unsullied army doesn't have to worry about freezing their balls off

  • Bastard Hell
    Bastard Hell 3 months ago

    Must’ve been awkward for the dragon to see his cousin kissing his mom...

  • DrRockso1987
    DrRockso1987 3 months ago


  • RoTak [Mill]
    RoTak [Mill] 3 months ago

    Bronn: I really want my castle!

  • Gman
    Gman 3 months ago

    Bran really wasn't lying about "waiting for an old friend", phenomenal ending.

  • Auto Bot
    Auto Bot 3 months ago

    Jon : Its cold up here for a southern girl..

  • Why It
    Why It 3 months ago

    Oh god the scene between dany and Sam was so painful to watch

  • Smooth Mike
    Smooth Mike 3 months ago


  • Maximuz
    Maximuz 3 months ago

    "Jon's not always the quickest on the update but he gets there." There's literally no better way to put it.

  • Subham Kumar
    Subham Kumar 3 months ago

    All the reunions were lit but Jaime and Bran stole the limelight at the end

  • Pushkar Jethwa
    Pushkar Jethwa 3 months ago

    Dany: we can live here for 1000 years and no one would find us.

  • Lucas Ledin
    Lucas Ledin 3 months ago


  • C.C. Ekeke
    C.C. Ekeke 3 months ago

    Jon: kisses Danerys

  • Akenyan Tune
    Akenyan Tune 3 months ago

    Jon: I don't know how to ride a dragon.

  • Brayden McCallum
    Brayden McCallum 3 months ago

    I'm impressed that Bran waited outside in the cold for like a solid 12 hours waiting for Jaime

  • Aiko Hirosawa
    Aiko Hirosawa 3 months ago

    Thinking how great Theon was when he saved his sister. CANT WAIT TO SEE THEON IN WINTERFELL.

  • Bella Fitri
    Bella Fitri 3 months ago

    Drogon : we're gonna be bestfriend, cousin!

  • GamesPS 98
    GamesPS 98 3 months ago

    Sam: Daenerys is your aunt.

  • tekashi50
    tekashi50 3 months ago

    Apparently only 1% of got fans know that incest is a part of the targaryen culture for the blood of the dragon to be pure