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  • Published on Sep 10, 2019

  • Click here to Subscribe :- http://bit.ly/PrajaktaKoli Hey guys so here's my very last video from my old house. So many memories were made in this house, will cherish them forever. Link To My Blog - https://mostlysane.in Like me on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/MostlySaneOf... Follow me on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/iamMostlySane Follow me on Instagram @ https://instagram.com/MostlySane Email me at :- iammostlysane@gmail.com Digitally Powered by One Digital Entertainment [https://www.facebook.com/onedigitalen...] [http://www.onedigitalentertainment.com] You can write to me and send me letters here - 602, Crest Mukta, Off Veera Desai Road, Above Hard Rock Cafe, Fun Cinema Lane, Near Yash Raj Studio, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
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  • I Hope
    I Hope 1 week ago

    Must Read !

  • Hitika gahalot
    Hitika gahalot 1 week ago (edited)

    She's shooting a video on her last day at her house... This just shows how much she loves being a creator on youtube and how much she's affectionate to her subscribers. ❤️

  • Ashish Shenoy
    Ashish Shenoy 1 week ago

    Nice, emotions and memoirs will always be there, moving on is the good thing

  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow 1 week ago

    I remember when we( my family) was moving into a new house I saw my room for the last time, and I kinda cried about it when my little cousin sister(3-4yo) came up to me and asked

  • Preksha Churi
    Preksha Churi 1 week ago

    We will miss red geographical pattern design in your room it was displayed in most of old videos😫

  • Shivani Masade
    Shivani Masade 1 week ago

    The person who will be owning this room will so proudly say that this was previously prajakta koli's room

  • Joshan Sharma
    Joshan Sharma 4 days ago

    We fauji kids feel this every 2 years . Sucks man

  • Namrata Pawar
    Namrata Pawar 1 week ago

    Hey Prajakta, pls upload the video of ur new room.

  • jahanvi bhandari
    jahanvi bhandari 1 week ago

    It's new beginning dear best of luck...and keep smiling...billions of people loves you alot...😇👍

  • AnisH Kumar SingH
    AnisH Kumar SingH 1 week ago (edited)


  • Vaishali Patel
    Vaishali Patel 1 week ago

    It's too hard to leave old house bcz it has so much of memories ☹😊

  • shubham wakshe
    shubham wakshe 2 days ago

    I can feel ur emotions by seating at different city..all the best for ur new beginning ♥️

  • Avantika Gargya
    Avantika Gargya 2 days ago

    Love you so much Prajakta ❤️

  • Ãrpitá Â
    Ãrpitá  1 week ago

    To be really really honest, we are too planning to move out of our house in Chandigarh, the other house is in Chandigarh itself but, this house had a different vibe.❤ my brother was born here, everything here was sooo good💗 I hope it would be more fun in the other house😘 yes the new house is much bigger, but we had memories here😢💗 Dad promised that we'll keep coming to see this house, and we'll never ever call this home old😄💗 I love you house full of memories❤ thank you for making us what we are, providing us soooooooo muchhh😘😘😘😘 we love you.🙆💗 and love you forever🌌💗💗💗

  • Fatima Rizvi
    Fatima Rizvi 2 days ago

    I am emotional after watching this tears in my eyes 😭💔

  • Prarthana Bhatia
    Prarthana Bhatia 1 day ago

    Hi Prajakta !

  • Samriddhi Saxena
    Samriddhi Saxena 2 days ago

    Oooh,meri praju di emotional ho gayi...

  • Hoorya Ayrene
    Hoorya Ayrene 1 week ago

    I can see that emotion sadness and pain in her eyes... 😢😢❤

  • Sonali Soni
    Sonali Soni 1 week ago

    Watching her like this , made tears in my eyes 😢😢

  • R!CKY D
    R!CKY D 1 week ago (edited)