World's Pilot Day 26th April

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  • Published on Apr 26, 2019

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  • Hemanth Bendone Venkatesha

    Sir voice is a bit cracked

  • chinmay mathur
    chinmay mathur 1 month ago

    Because of this cracking sound i feared. Is my mobile phone's speaker crueled?

  • Kaushal Chaudhary
    Kaushal Chaudhary 1 month ago

    Jet airways workers would be so sad on this day

  • musically india
    musically india 1 month ago

    he can celebrate

  • Tushar Ahlawat
    Tushar Ahlawat 1 month ago

    At starting I was checking my headphones jack😂😂

  • Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan 1 month ago (edited)

    Gauravzone cant match this knowledge of flying beast

  • Wasif Kamran
    Wasif Kamran 1 month ago

    Rode has some serious problems which Nikhil had said in the vlogs!

  • Kuldeep Kumar
    Kuldeep Kumar 1 month ago

    Happy Allrounder Day to you :) along with off course Happy International Pilot Day

  • Dominator zone
    Dominator zone 1 month ago

    O:49 OMG what a magic trick I loved it😂😂

  • ruturaj swain
    ruturaj swain 1 month ago

    Gaurav sir wish a very happy world pilot's day. I love you very much. I am inspired by your hardwork and honesty.

  • Rajat Rawat
    Rajat Rawat 1 month ago (edited)

    Is there any voice issue??? (Mic or something??)

  • Impaler 2k3
    Impaler 2k3 1 month ago (edited)

    Who else noticed "Thrus" 😂😂

  • Dipesh Bhave
    Dipesh Bhave 1 month ago

    Happy Pilots Day☺... have you ever faced the Goaround situation??

  • Hiraj rijal
    Hiraj rijal 1 month ago

    All men's day is coming on 1st may......

  • mayank yadav
    mayank yadav 1 month ago (edited)

    Sir then if u'll sleep this less then how do u expect to perform well in such a hectic job plus u have to cut your sleep time for ur vlogs and gym. So how's it possible.

    JOSH ARMANI 1 month ago

    Pilot, Bodybuilder, Vlogger and Responsible Family guy! Hatts of sir to your dedication🙋‍♂️

  • Azhar A
    Azhar A 1 month ago

    If u was the teacher in clg to explain ... i wil never miss the class😍😍😍nice teaching

  • r sraon
    r sraon 1 month ago

    Veerey ja k so jo please 😊 You are looking tired 😴. Good night and Take care.🖐

  • Mayank Verma
    Mayank Verma 1 month ago

    Also a big shoutout to Pilot Gaurav Taneja for being so awesome on Youtube !!

  • Rohit Vijayakar
    Rohit Vijayakar 1 month ago

    He is dashavatar