Viva - Bloopers | May Edition DOWNLOAD

  • Published on May 12, 2017

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    YESHWANTH L 2 years ago

    Looking forward for May 16th, 19th and 23rd :)

  • Sunkara Prasad
    Sunkara Prasad 2 years ago

    who liked before watched full video

    STYLISH DHEERU FAN 2 years ago


  • Aseash Varma
    Aseash Varma 2 years ago

    All the AAK-PAAK VIVA Fans ..have a good day

  • Soumya Charani
    Soumya Charani 2 years ago


  • tejesh reddy
    tejesh reddy 2 years ago

    east or west viva bloopers are best....keep it up guys u kills😎😎😘

  • JR sTuDiO productions

    First five mins they got 1.3 k views!! Thats cool

    CHILDREN'S PERFECT 2 years ago

    Hello brother meeru theese aak paak videola kotak waiting ikkada

  • sasi kiran
    sasi kiran 2 years ago

    Upload vivanews 6 quickly. Waiting for it......

  • irfan shaikh
    irfan shaikh 1 year ago

    Hi. I think you missed "p" in video cover pic.I love your videos. Great work. Please keep it up guys.

  • Sai Mohana Akula
    Sai Mohana Akula 2 years ago

    waiting eagerly for the upcoming videos..!!😁

  • Mahe Jabeen
    Mahe Jabeen 2 years ago

    there is no need to even watch because we know ur videos are the best 😊😊😊😊

  • Thumu Pranav
    Thumu Pranav 2 years ago

    When is viva news episode 6 cmng u said that it is cmng on 16 but still no

  • Saketh Leo
    Saketh Leo 2 years ago

    I am before 1000 views r u too....

  • Chaitanya Sharma Kandala


  • WantSomePhysics?
    WantSomePhysics? 2 years ago

    Viva nunchi notification choodagane like kotta,Naaku telusu video super ga untundi ani... Hmmm:D

  • Raju123 Raju123
    Raju123 Raju123 2 years ago

    how much time to wait for today's video

  • Chandan Perla
    Chandan Perla 2 years ago

    it is 11.35but still there is no video!😯

  • Vanum shiva
    Vanum shiva 2 years ago

    1.4k viewer

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar 2 years ago

    superb BRO keep rocking 😍😍😍