Viva - Bloopers | June Edition DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Jun 16, 2017

  • Not just the actual video, these bloopers prove the process of making a sarcastically well written comic can also be equally humorous as the end product. Hello everyone. How many of you like The Interview or The Exam videos? Watch the 'Behind the Scenes' in our June Edition. Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/The-Viva-431... Subscribe to Viva for more videos- http://bit.ly/1sC6lUW Don't forget to Like, Share & Comment.
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  • VIVA
    VIVA 2 years ago

    To get more information from us, WhatsApp us a "Thumbs Up" smiley to 8291437212. Cheers :)

    STYLISH DHEERU FAN 2 years ago

    Dheeru Anna's risky feat @

  • Mahit Sambhana
    Mahit Sambhana 2 years ago

    Shannu's watch is awesome

  • jyothi thomas
    jyothi thomas 2 months ago

    Harsha bro and shannu bro combination is so funny πŸ˜€

  • Nikhil Chandra
    Nikhil Chandra 2 years ago

    Shannu bro you are awesome

  • madhavi vijaya
    madhavi vijaya 2 years ago

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  • Amazing bros
    Amazing bros 2 years ago

    funny keep uploading

  • arun kumar
    arun kumar 5 months ago

    super message to the govt bro. i do believe people will use 100% dustbins if they available enough. like if u like...

  • Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar 1 year ago

    Plz do a comedy skit on fidget spinner

  • anish raj
    anish raj 2 years ago


  • shalom mankind
    shalom mankind 2 years ago

    1st view 1st comment

  • mannumanas keerthi
    mannumanas keerthi 2 years ago

    stylish dheeru name is really dheeru or his nickname

  • Bramara Evaturi
    Bramara Evaturi 1 year ago

    2.23 Flowing star(natural star) keep up...

  • Kavya Kooku Army
    Kavya Kooku Army 2 years ago

    omg wow 1st comment .....................i love u

  • bhavani ganga
    bhavani ganga 5 months ago

    Golden heart persons😍

  • sreeramamurthy pammi
    sreeramamurthy pammi 2 years ago (edited)

    super I am big fan of viva group .mammu

  • Bala Ganesh reddy
    Bala Ganesh reddy 1 year ago

    always thermaldynamics, processor, all engineering stuff y can't u try different genre like CA student, medicine, horror etc.

  • vikas karamthot
    vikas karamthot 4 months ago

    This is much funnier than the actual videos πŸ˜‚

  • beerus sama
    beerus sama 2 years ago

    what's the music in background

  • Ramprashanth Deevee
    Ramprashanth Deevee 2 years ago

    content late ga ochina bale untadi aba midi even bloopers mast unai