The Un-Touchable Foldable Smartphones! DOWNLOAD

  • Published on Mar 2, 2019

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  • Amit Bhawani (PhoneRadar)

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  • Aaryan Kamdar
    Aaryan Kamdar 6 months ago

    Indian flag in background ♥️♥️♥️

  • dhaval suthar
    dhaval suthar 6 months ago

    There is Indian flag behind Amit bhavani. Proud to be Indian

  • Chirag Purohit
    Chirag Purohit 6 months ago

    East Ho Ya West...North Ho Ya South...Hamri Indian No.1 Tech Website PhoneRadar Is Best 🔥🔥

  • Ashish Kumar Chandan
    Ashish Kumar Chandan 6 months ago

    I am satisfied with my phone

  • chaitanya tanneeru
    chaitanya tanneeru 6 months ago (edited)

    I've never think foldable smartphone is of no practical use and they will priced so high AF.instead buy flagship smartphone

  • Shaurya Chhetri
    Shaurya Chhetri 6 months ago

    Published in 2March but get notification today?🤔

  • Pallav Yelshette
    Pallav Yelshette 6 months ago

    Sahi main Amit bhai,

  • Sahil Sharma
    Sahil Sharma 6 months ago

    I generally don't like these... foldable phones😂

  • Goutham goku
    Goutham goku 6 months ago (edited)

    I want a best phone in 35000 that's it .

  • Arvind Thakur
    Arvind Thakur 6 months ago

    Bhai how is best samsung'galxy fold ya huwai fold

  • Naman Vora
    Naman Vora 6 months ago

    Fabulous work done by you sir....!!

  • Aditya Agrawal
    Aditya Agrawal 6 months ago

    Yes we need.....

  • team 07
    team 07 6 months ago

    Yes i am setisfyed of my phone

  • Sudhir Update
    Sudhir Update 6 months ago

    Nice video bhai love you thanks for information 😍

    SAURABH SINGH 6 months ago

    Companies should give their

  • Apoorv Pradhan
    Apoorv Pradhan 6 months ago

    Ye acha nahi kiya. They should give it for demo !!

  • Dhruv Hooda
    Dhruv Hooda 6 months ago

    I think there is no use of foldable phone (yoga thodina karani hai phone se)

  • Techlarity A
    Techlarity A 6 months ago

    Too costly I am satisfied with my phone

  • Dev Sood
    Dev Sood 6 months ago

    well said sir