Viewer's doubt regardig EPF bein clarified by an investment consultant

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  • Published on Mar 12, 2016

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  • vel ask
    vel ask 3 months ago

    எங்க பணத்த நீங்கள் எடுத்து முதலீடு செய்யலாம் ஆனா நாங்க எடுக்க கட்டுப்பாடு இதுல பென்ஷன் வேர பிடிப்பீங்க அதுவரைக்கும் நாங்க உயிரோட இருக்கணும்

  • Muthulakshmi Muthulakshmi

    Ennoda uan registered mobile number is missing aahdar num no linked with uan then how to get my PF amount

  • ashok bharath
    ashok bharath 8 months ago

    Apo 60 nalaiku sothuku enga porathu

  • kumar kumar
    kumar kumar 1 year ago (edited)

    Why this people always hide the partial withdraw facility?

  • srinivasan t
    srinivasan t 8 months ago (edited)

    Already we pay income tax..and the Epf deducted from our income...the amount kept at govt till my withdrawl...then why should i pay tax if i withdrawl within 5 years already i paid the tax for that money ....govt should be give me interest for my money right?

  • Murali Dharan
    Murali Dharan 1 month ago

    Hello sir , i am not getting OTP through my reg ph# . Last 4 digit ph is also matched...help me ...

  • Karthikeyan Mahalingam
    Karthikeyan Mahalingam 4 months ago (edited)

    Form 15G need to fill she forgot to mention.. now I'm facing this in having more than 60 days gap . And this is my 150th day .. hence I'm filling the 15G form and submitting to my left out company ...

    MUNISH VIJAY 3 months ago

    We need clear explanation about scheme certificate..pls explain..

  • balakumar9
    balakumar9 3 months ago

    Thumbnail mathunga da 😁 bf velakkam nu irku

  • Prem Kumar
    Prem Kumar 10 months ago

    Atha madam Entha Solution num Taravea Ella

  • sudhar son
    sudhar son 1 month ago

    Incase before 60 days join new company don't affect by old pf amount.. But emplyer share....??

  • ace21 0444
    ace21 0444 2 months ago

    இந்த பி.எப் போடுறது கட்டாயமா??.

  • TSY vasu
    TSY vasu 3 months ago

    I worked company 5 month I taken pf amount withdraw my account???

  • Arun Kumar A
    Arun Kumar A 8 months ago

    passbook la 3 columns iruku employee share, employer share, pension ellam sethu calculate panni withdraw pannalama ? resign panni 60 days ku mela aaguthu bro pls yaravathu solution sollunga

  • Raghava Mahesh
    Raghava Mahesh 3 months ago

    velaya vidrathe better ah vera vela kidachathu na than.athulayum serama 60days suma irukanumna sothuku singi than adikanum.

  • Devi Devi
    Devi Devi 1 year ago

    service History changes process pls

    PONMUDI M 5 months ago

    Helllooooo innanga......naa ennoda money ah edukka Iula rules pottunu irukkinga?

  • Harish Hip hop dancer
    Harish Hip hop dancer 8 months ago

    Pension contribution naa enna friends adhula oru 3885 iruku eduka mudiyumaa

  • sumi ravi
    sumi ravi 9 months ago

    Madam not gave the sollution clearly I have doubts

  • M muralikows
    M muralikows 7 months ago

    என்னுடைய Uan number ல இரண்டு Member. id இருக்கு முதல் கம்பெனி Id D.join. D.End date இருக்கு மற்றொறு Id D.joining. date முதல் கம்பெனியோட D.End date ம் ஓன்னாகவே இருக்கு என்னால Online ல கிலைம் பன்ன முடியல இதற்கு என்ன வழி