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  • Published on Jul 8, 2019

  • Aa gaya Our very first youtube video on INDIAN MOTHERS❤️ This is a funny video dedicated to all our amazing hardworking Indian moms ❤️ Watch this video with your moms and let us know which was your favourite scene/Dialogue from this video! #AshishChanchlani #TheMummy With #vivoZ1Pro, unwanted lags and interruptions won't get in between my way to the victory but I surely can't win against mom's sarcasm. Catch the all-new #vivoZ1Pro in my video, #FullyLoaded with Snapdragon 712AIE, 5000mAh Battery with 18W Fast Charging and 32MP In-Display Camera at INR 14,990/-. Get yours on 11th July, 12 PM on Flipkart : http://bit.ly/2XwwtQq Co starring : Kunal Chhabhria, Anmol Sachar & Akash dodeja Production : Shot By : Siddharth Kedare, Kunal Chhabhria & Akash Dodeja Mic & sound handling by : Tanish Sirwani Edited by : Anmol Sachar, Kunal Chhabhria & Ashish Chanchlani Written & Created by Ashish Chanchlani
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    “9 mahine maine terko apne waiting area mein rakha tha taaki tu bada hoke pubg khele”

  • Anshu Razz Chauhan-SG
    Anshu Razz Chauhan-SG 1 week ago (edited)

    Kya apki mummi bhi 1 roti mangne pe 2 deti hai 😊

  • Lakshita Sharma
    Lakshita Sharma 3 days ago

    Mummy’s entry was bang on especially with that background music 😂🤣🤣

  • Radha Amar
    Radha Amar 1 day ago

    HELLO dude make a video on the reaction of people in temples and with in bhandaras.

  • thakur hina
    thakur hina 3 days ago (edited)

    1. Janu shona - jadu tona

  • Lata Suryawanshi
    Lata Suryawanshi 1 day ago

    That Chinese song was so funny with mad daughter. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • BB Ki Vines
    BB Ki Vines 1 week ago

    Who's Batter ???

  • Rohan Kumar
    Rohan Kumar 1 day ago

    Ashish pls make funny dubbing on South hit movies like Bahubali KGF,Kabali and other hits😃😃😃😃🙏🙏🙏🙏

    THUG LIFE 1 day ago

    Havent u done something for assam.Assam is suffering for severe flood. Please do something for assam

  • movie studio
    movie studio 1 day ago

    Ashish when will you post your new video after the mummy

  • Surbhi Jain
    Surbhi Jain 1 day ago (edited)

    No... Whenever my mma comes back 😉😉😉... l starts crying...mma bhai ne mara😂😂😂 fir bhai ki jo class lagti h😎😎😎

  • Aastha Verma
    Aastha Verma 19 hours ago

    I love Ashu more than BB.....well my nickname's also Aashu..we love u Ashish 💖💖

  • aryan aggarwal
    aryan aggarwal 4 days ago

    Best video ever by

  • muskan quershi
    muskan quershi 4 days ago

    ryt yrrrr...my mummy totally react like dis.😅😅😅😅jab cats k liye permission mangte hain hum

  • S.B Tupshi
    S.B Tupshi 3 days ago

    "Har din bumro bumro karte rehete hain, eh eh eh eh ". My favourite line.

  • ImperiaL Gamer
    ImperiaL Gamer 1 week ago


  • neeraj rawat
    neeraj rawat 2 days ago

    Just tell me one thing when sister cookes food in your video which song is playing plz anyone

  • ekta beck Beck
    ekta beck Beck 17 hours ago

    When you are play pubg and mom say subg le ke aaa😂😂😂😂😂

  • sheena parashar
    sheena parashar 3 days ago (edited)

    "Same with me and my sister today"

  • Dipak Sapkale
    Dipak Sapkale 2 days ago