Facebook Baba (with English Subtitles) - A film by Sabarish Kandregula

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  • Published on Sep 15, 2014

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  • Facebook Baba (with English Subtitles) - A film by Sabarish Kandregula tags


  • Sarfaraz Ahmad Khan
    Sarfaraz Ahmad Khan 4 years ago (edited)

    there is japan's flag on baba's forehead

  • Abhishek Sanyal
    Abhishek Sanyal 4 years ago

    Although I wanted to give more, I could only give it one 'like' :D

  • Rikdeb Mukherjee
    Rikdeb Mukherjee 2 years ago

    Can u pls add english subtitles.

  • Nabin S
    Nabin S 4 years ago

    Last part is the best part ... HA HA Ha

  • nyruthy Nyru
    nyruthy Nyru 4 years ago

    Viva was actually betta..! Anyhow, good effort..! 👍

  • Bilt ten
    Bilt ten 3 years ago

    nijanga u guys are superb in creativity/dialogues/acting

  • Prasad Karyam
    Prasad Karyam 3 years ago

    photoshop idea super ra babu..

  • Mathew Sam
    Mathew Sam 4 years ago


  • tej
    tej 4 years ago

    guys retain the entire "Stylish Dheeru " part. it is the best part of the movie. 'stylish dheeru liking and commenting on his own pic' etc etc... On d whole nothing can beat VIVA...

  • sudha m
    sudha m 2 years ago

    skit is wondeful but bloody advetesements distrubing ............

  • deekshitha bolisetty

    gud one

  • Bharath Ch
    Bharath Ch 3 years ago

    Overall good performence by all. For me it's so funny between

  • sumegha sumu
    sumegha sumu 4 years ago

    Good one , see and enjoy

  • Vidya Naidu
    Vidya Naidu 3 years ago

    What d??? What d?? Haha

  • suhas chandra
    suhas chandra 4 years ago

    acting improved comedy reduced 

  • Selvam M
    Selvam M 3 years ago

    promote your

  • Siddharth Reddy
    Siddharth Reddy 3 years ago

    Mamidi thota ehh ehh

  • yashwanth yadav
    yashwanth yadav 4 years ago

    This guy's acting and dialogue delivery is too good, had seen the "viva" as well.

  • The Amazing Top 10
    The Amazing Top 10 4 years ago

    This one is better than the first..! Keep it up Guys..! We love you..!

  • hari prasad
    hari prasad 4 years ago

    Same concept like viva just topic changed to Facebook, why are you wasting your hard work and precious time for a same kind of thing, don't limit yourselves to same kind of things, hope u understand, realize and over come it.......