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  • Published on Jul 27, 2018

  • A look into the underbelly of Indian Society. Watch the multi billion dollar industry’s dark puppetry happening now in India. Subscribe to Viva for more videos- http://bit.ly/1sC6lUW Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheVivaSocial/ Don't forget to Like, Share & Comment.
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  • banu bi
    banu bi 11 months ago

    Her look for those few seconds 😿😿😿....Such a powerful video with in such a short time ..This shows that we don't need a long hour discussion or some big debates to convey our thoughts ...Really heart wrenching 😢😢😢

  • Murali krishna
    Murali krishna 11 months ago

    చివర్లో.. ఆ అమ్మాయి చూసిన చూపు.. చుట్టూ ఏవీ పట్టించుకోకుండా మీకోసమే.. బతుకుతున్న మీదీ ఓ బతుకేనా.. థూ.. అని మొహంపై ఉమ్మేసినట్లుంది. చెలకాల తో.. వీపున ఛెళ్లున కొట్టినట్లుంది.

  • ananda krishna siva kesari

    Absolutely no doubt viva is best channel

  • Srinivas Chowdary
    Srinivas Chowdary 11 months ago

    Just loved it..... u proved that u gives not only comedy but also slaps for many people

  • B Krazy
    B Krazy 11 months ago

    Always you make us laugh but sometimes you do make us cry 😢 so touching 🙏

  • Sai Kiran
    Sai Kiran 11 months ago

    I will try my level best stop this trafficking.

  • Sreyas Sana
    Sreyas Sana 11 months ago (edited)

    oh god..please save my country!!....I would rather say oh man just open ur eyes....

  • shiva nagender156
    shiva nagender156 11 months ago

    Such a perfect execution about girl trafficking👌and feeling very sad about the looks of that girl 😭😭😭but you people has done your level best and a Big thanks for the writer to come out with this message🙏🙏

  • devendranath devendra
    devendranath devendra 11 months ago

    entha develop aina aadapilla ni kappadukolekapotunam

    VARUN CREATIONS 11 months ago (edited)

    Really fantastic job done by viva 👏👏👏👏 sad tears came at last scene.

    SARAN SANTOSH 11 months ago

    Of course India is a peaceful country so everyone sits silent 😶 y we should react to others people's problems ani .... Dubai or Russia or America rule ravali in India i.e head cut cheseyali in front of everyone apudu gani they will not do those kind mistakes due to fear!

    HOME FOOD MANIACS 11 months ago

    How you people gathered information that it is a 32 billion industry

  • ravi kiran
    ravi kiran 11 months ago

    DOP you work was amazing.the visuals are realistic and rich...good job...

  • sampada guptha
    sampada guptha 11 months ago

    Who ever think about to do girl trafficking just they wanna think that girl was like ur sister/ mom /daughter / their wife

  • Anusha Devu
    Anusha Devu 11 months ago

    great work...inspiring video to bring the change within all of us...all the best viva team and a hats off salute for the director... marvelous ...message shown at its best way...

  • surya b
    surya b 11 months ago

    Good choice of script . Great way of story telling. Impressed. Nice work viva, Love you

  • Sai Ram Sujith Tatikonda

    Again a great video bro Osm

  • Ramya Nakkina
    Ramya Nakkina 11 months ago

    U have given a good msg through and u have shown the reality of our country. Really good brother

  • Joseph Xavier
    Joseph Xavier 11 months ago

    WTF??? This channel was supposed to be a fun channel right???

  • ranga sudarshan
    ranga sudarshan 3 months ago

    Really you discussed the great topic in a few seconds or minutes bro