PM Modi holds a rally in Andhra amid protest

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  • Published on Feb 10, 2019

  • This is the PM’s first visit to the state after the TDP pulled out of the NDA following a fallout over the Special Category Status.
  • PM Modi holds a rally in Andhra amid protest tags


  • V.S Vohra
    V.S Vohra 1 week ago

    मोदी साहब 2019 में दोबारा आइए लेकिन जनसंख्या नियंत्रण कानून लाइए यह एक ही महत्वपूर्ण काम आपसे रह गया है

  • Mangilal Vishnoi
    Mangilal Vishnoi 1 week ago

    Bjp bjp bjp modi modi

  • Viresh kumar
    Viresh kumar 1 week ago

    He is a very honest and most popular pm in india

  • Sailendra kumar Sahoo

    If BJP emerges victorious in Southern States, it will be a great achievement for the party .

    MANOJ KUMAR 1 week ago

    चमचो का बाप मोदी 300 से ज्यादा सीट जीतेगा

  • Brajesh Kumar Upadhyay

    Once again Modi in 2019👍

  • Bhanu Patel
    Bhanu Patel 1 week ago

    Only modiji👍

  • Pawan Gupta
    Pawan Gupta 1 week ago

    Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi


    Modi jee wah Modi jee Modi jee Bhai wah Modi jee vipachi ko kase ghera wah Modi jee sabka loot gya chena

  • Viresh kumar
    Viresh kumar 1 week ago

    Modi again in delhi

  • Just Simple
    Just Simple 1 week ago

    2019 election is more important to Pakistan & China than congress party .

  • Mularam Chaudhary
    Mularam Chaudhary 1 week ago


  • Vishnu Dev Mishra
    Vishnu Dev Mishra 1 week ago

    Only modi ji in 2019 jai bjp

  • Pramod Yadav
    Pramod Yadav 1 week ago

    Jai shri ram modi

  • Kiran Sahu
    Kiran Sahu 1 week ago

    Modi is winner

  • Kunal official
    Kunal official 1 week ago

    2019 Modi Sarkar

  • alok kumar nayak
    alok kumar nayak 1 week ago

    Definitely in South this time BJP ✌️

    SANJAY KUMAR 1 week ago

    Es bar modi 400 par only modi sarkar

  • Babu lal. noon Lal
    Babu lal. noon Lal 1 week ago

    Great pm modi

  • Nityananda Jaydhar
    Nityananda Jaydhar 1 week ago

    Har har modi har start nodi