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  • Published on Mar 13, 2019

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  • Mumbiker Nikhil
    Mumbiker Nikhil 1 week ago

    Here is the link to vote :

  • Pawan Muggowal
    Pawan Muggowal 1 week ago

    Stop :

  • anurag bhattacharjee

    "Maine juta kharida, Maine coffee piya, Mera mood kharab hai"

  • Shekhar Suman
    Shekhar Suman 1 week ago

    ur channel is no longer travel vlog. just show off. sub out.bye.good luck

  • Jai Agnihotri
    Jai Agnihotri 1 week ago

    The content quality is degrading exponentially bro.

  • Sagnik Biswas
    Sagnik Biswas 1 week ago

    To be honest, Mumbiker Nihil is not based on

  • Ramraj Gupta
    Ramraj Gupta 1 week ago (edited)

    Guys its Total waste of time watching his lifestyle,better use this time on yourself and your family,he is enjoying & sharing i mean why do he need to,i was a gr8 fan when he used to do a travel blog but now its like his own lifestyle blog I quite to watch his blog from now on,its too much

  • Rescue Guru
    Rescue Guru 1 week ago

    Bhai tu itna kyon show off karta hai? Flying beast se kuch seekh. He is much more than you in every aspect yet down to earth.

  • Kazi Rahim
    Kazi Rahim 1 week ago

    Your giving less information where you going hanging purchasing etc.. Pls improve this

  • MANU
    MANU 1 week ago

    Tbh, it has now become more of her and less of you.

  • Vasu Patel
    Vasu Patel 1 week ago

    Just saw your video with sadhguru. Must say u got lot of ego and disrespectful behaviour

  • Jeevan Baby Jacob
    Jeevan Baby Jacob 1 week ago

    Anybody saw MN s sadguru interview?

  • Khushi Patil
    Khushi Patil 1 week ago

    Are they getting married or something???

  • Shyam S Sumbar
    Shyam S Sumbar 1 week ago

    Nikhil bhai ki Shayad Dukaan hai , Jo sirf Shoes+Dress hi kharidta hai aur India me lake bechta hoga 😂

    SANA AHMED 1 week ago

    Why did you delete tha bhabi wala comment on which you gave heart.. By the way i have screenshot

    JAYANT OBEROI 1 week ago

    Ok I'll be honest first of all I liked hell I loved your videos if they are Indian ......let me tell u PEOPLE DON'T LIKE YOU TRAVELLING INTERNATIONALLY ......PLZ MAKE MORE INDIAN TRIPS THEN INTERNATIONAL ....luv you ( for your order videos)

  • Arpit Joshi
    Arpit Joshi 1 week ago (edited)

    New Shoes Which is for fanfest at

  • A_V_A_N_I_S_H
    A_V_A_N_I_S_H 1 week ago

    Sabse best MSK vlogs

  • Luv Tajpuria
    Luv Tajpuria 1 week ago (edited)

    Boys- bardadi (

  • Wasif Kamran
    Wasif Kamran 1 week ago

    Anyone able to sense it?