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  • Published on Aug 10, 2019

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  • Prabhas HILARIOUS Reply To Reporter Question | Salman Khan | Shahrukh Khan | Saaho | Daily Culture tags

  • shiva goud
    shiva goud 2 weeks ago

    Reporter : Hindi me kuch bolo

  • Jaya Priyaa45
    Jaya Priyaa45 2 weeks ago

    Reporters ki respect istu madam ani Sir ma darling matrame annagaladu..a khan's kuda vala hindi reporters ki antha respect echi matladaledu..

  • Bhargavi Bharu
    Bhargavi Bharu 2 weeks ago

    Akkada khan ithee

  • Chinna - Your PUBG Mate

    Reporter ni Kuda mam & sir annadu...That is Prabhas🙏

  • Madhu Madhu
    Madhu Madhu 2 weeks ago

    Entha mandi khans vuna no prblm

  • Ashok King
    Ashok King 2 weeks ago

    No khanss no donss only indian heross

    M NANDU 2 weeks ago

    Baap of Bollywood Khan's 💪

  • Simhadri Ramakrishna

    Prabas Rock's all India block bloster top hero 💪💪💪💪

  • Ramesh Raj
    Ramesh Raj 2 weeks ago

    Once upon time tollywood star after bahubali he is national star we are with u from ntr fans

  • KNK youtube channel
    KNK youtube channel 2 weeks ago

    King of film industry అయినప్పుడు ఎదుటోడు khan అయితే ఏంటి jaan(ప్రాణం)అయితే ఏంట్రా

  • D Suresh Babu
    D Suresh Babu 2 weeks ago

    The king of pan india

  • vishnu vardhan
    vishnu vardhan 2 weeks ago (edited)

    North Indian like here

  • Raju the boss
    Raju the boss 2 weeks ago

    Hindi lo khan's udachhu kani maa darling star prabhas king is a not aundra king is a Indian king prabhas

  • pradeep Pradip
    pradeep Pradip 2 weeks ago (edited)

    Such a Humble Persinality..I am feeling Really bad on my self..My Ego and My pride..From Today onwords I will behave nicely with every one.

  • Govinda Ganesh
    Govinda Ganesh 2 weeks ago

    Looket him prabhas is very humble person..not attitude..love you sir from Nepal.

  • raju prabhas1
    raju prabhas1 2 weeks ago

    Annanu ibbandi pettakandira ra bhai.

  • Naresh Ramavath
    Naresh Ramavath 2 weeks ago

    Khan's ka baap agaya abhi no Khan's

  • Mahanth Sanagapuri
    Mahanth Sanagapuri 2 weeks ago

    Very polite answers Prabhas luv u

  • suresh madhu
    suresh madhu 2 weeks ago

    How humble is he, he calls everyone sir

  • Sneha T
    Sneha T 2 weeks ago

    Khan's undchu but he is rebel